Friday, January 23, 2009



+ A +

Poe + Die + A + Trist

I'm going to the Podiatrist on Monday.

Hoping to come slap out of retirement (for you guys from North of Tennessee, that means come the heck out of) and start getting ready for something. I'm gonna take it slowly and see what's what. Regardless, worried I am not. I just want to one day be able to slep it around Croom with A2 one more more time.


runsforbeer said...

Thanks for the translation for those of us not fluent in "hick." Can't wait to see what's next on your schedule. Of course, if I have my way, you'll be getting in plenty of miles as my number one pacer! Keep the faith. Miss you babe!

AndyMan said...

I'll be back and maybe not better than ever, but good enough I reckon.

Thanks for the shout out, and keep them kids in order! Make sure all the kids are satisfactory in your subject, don't want be getting any Math U's (get it? Math U's, Mathews, I slay me!)

You probably need to know that runsforbeer teaches math.

Star said...

Good for you. I personally stay away from foot docs, because they tend to start sharpening their knives when they see my crazy beautiful feet.

AndyMan said...

Star, your crazy beautiful feet. Hey, you're half right :)

Frank said...

maybe you ain't as good ass you once was...but

superdave524 said...

Love the puzzle. I tried to do it for a living, but I lost my Concentration.

AndyMan said...

My Bro can show you how to link that song right in to a comment (it like say, bow hunting, is a good skill to have.) And, while not a TK fan (I took the Dixie Chicks side) the song is great.

SuperD, hey, there used to be a game show on TV actually CALLED concentration, and they put those puzzles together, isn't it funny you'd use that phrase?

Anonymous said...

I solved the puzzle!

Guy Diceakiss. He's my cousin from Thebes. He's a good lookin' fella, but he doesn't look nearly as good with his shirt off as I do (but really who does? It's a rhombusical question, no one does!)

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

Now, that's funny stuff!

Chase Squires said...

Back from Hawaii, going to nail my feet to the ground!!

Hey, using the work computer in my living room ... Aman, I'm telling you, this city is for you, I just turned on the laptop and found a bunch of unsecured wi-fi hookups all around me, life in the big city!

AndyMan said...

Or Chase, You can move here. The place next door is coming up for rent. Those people will have wireless available to them (damn it all! I never wanted to spend that money!)