Monday, January 5, 2009

The Big Chill

Today I learned about The Big Chill, and let me tell you it William Hurts!
Oh, no, I'm not cold, and probably won't be cold the rest of this school year, but come the fall, the weather will be hot, but I'll be frozen.

WTF? Ok, we just had a faculty meeting at school and the news, delivered after all the warm and fuzzies were dispensed, we won't be getting raises next year. Well, I was ok with that, you know prepare for the crappy economy and all, but we'll still get our steps right (the bump we get for working here another year, last year you made x this year you'll make x+1 with no cost of living increase)? Er, nope, no steps either. You made X last year, this year you'll make X again.

WTF? I ask again. Ok, TECO was planning a 25% increase, sorry TECO, I've frozen what I'll pay you, kilowatt hour this!

Ok United Healthcare, you are planning a 10% increase, sorry I've frozen your premiums and your co-pays. HMO this!

Ok, Geico, fire the Lizard, you're frozen, Deductible this!

Yeah, this salary freeze, it's not working for me.

By the way this is all the Bishop's idea. Hey Bishop, drop and give me 20, it aint right!


Chase Squires said...

... And we will allll go downnnn togetherrrrr

AndyMan said...

No, no, no need to go down, I've got everybody on board with my freezing, er, well, everyone except the oil companies, they said they are at the mercy of speculators. I really don't understand all those big concepts, but I'm sure these speculators are nice people. Also I'll let you know what Mrs. Publix has to say when I talk to her about food prices later today!

The Professor said...

we're not getting raises to make up for the 4.5% inflation rate that we saw last year i will be working 4.5% less...that should even everything out nicely.

so to start this all out i decided to "work from home" today...

Star said...

Join the crowd...I haven't given myself a raise in two years. So there. I'm just happy to have a Grind to go to every day at this point!

AndyMan said...

Yeah, I know I aint alone, but I can't even take on more classes or more patients, I can't give myself more time off, but hey, a lot of people don't got no jobs. But at least I'll have a case of beer from A2 to help things out!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, the salaries in Alabama are getting phucked too...We are in "proration" and should not expect raises (according to the university professor) "anytime soon." There's even a remote possibility that we'll have a pay decrease...Yeah, THAT'S fair.

Dr. OB