Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a Process

These comebacks, they don't happen overnight. You gain a bit, you give a bit back.

It's seldom as good as it seems, it's seldom as bad as it seems. Don't worry, I promise I'm not talking about life or relationships (like I'd know about that crap? I'm just a dum joc!) I am only talking about very specifically coming to running and trying to train for the Western States 100 in late June of 2009 after having a massive injury on the left heel (ok, I guess you could apply the information to a right heel injury.)

My buddy Star was probably right when she raised an eyebrow at my running 50 miles in the course of like 4 days after not having run more that 17 in a week for the last 3 months. But, hey I felt good, and well..... er, it was too much. So, I took the week off to get ready for yesterday's 38 mile run. Yeah, if 50 in a week is too much, 38 in a day is probably too much, but it sounded like a good time. My guys were going. Dan, Woody, Star, Becky, Roger, Kathleen, the June Bug, it was gonna be off the hook. What better way to spend 8 hours!

Friday night I got wise. As I was limping around school I thought, well, it'll be alright tomorrow, as I was limping around the local two-for-one establishment on Friday night I thought, you know, it's stupid for a dude that's limping around after being on the shelf for 3 months to think about doing a training run of 38 miles. So, I called my carpool buddies and bagged out. I hate to bag out, but I don't want another 364 days of limping around either.

So yesterday, I did a nice 3 mile (or so) hike around the park with my BLF. It was a lovely day and great way to spend a Saturday, and my body could handle it (tell you right now, if that's what happens when I don't get to run, I'll never run again!) Today, I'm going to run 5 miles on a wood chip path. I'll keep up the exercise and hope it's better for a jaunt around Croom on Saturday.

Slow but steady heals the heal. It's a Process.

Process, this!


Chase Squires said...

Time wounds all heels. At least that's what they say.

Star said...

Yeah, we missed your antics yesterday. But you made a wise decision...YEAH for you!!!

We still had fun. Well, except for my ankle which is sprained or inflicted with tendinitis.

PS: Chase, you are one clever dude.

superdave524 said...

Evidently, even Mathews' can be taught. Evidently.

AndyMan said...

Yeah, thanks Star, I'm glad I bagged out (I had to, I didn't wanna) because, it today's 5 turned into 7, but well, I could not have done 38, heck I couldn't have done 10, but I will soon...

How about the picture huh? Not bad!

superdave524 said...

The pic? I hadn't really analyzed it.