Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First, I didn't steal Star's picture. If it's on the web, it's public domain! Oh, sure, I got it from there but I didn't steal it. I resent the alligation, and as an Auburn Tiger, I resent the Alligator!

Second, Run something everymorning before you go to school-work-gym-shopping. Just roll out of bed and get it done. If AM don't run in the AM, AM aint running! We can count on our ultra buds to meet us at 0-dark-thirty (also borrowed from Star) in EBFE on a weekend, but aint nobody meeting you at 5 AM on Tuesday morning, so just quit griping and run. Again, I used to know this, but during my injury time out, I forgot.

I have fallen into the, well, I'm meeting Davo and Becky later so I can sleep in, trap. Yes, we may get together, but we may not. And if I've worked all day and they cancel, I'm going to Beef's and getting some wings and I'm not running, oh yeah, not running!

Talk about timing, my lovely daughter's lovely mother (and that is NOT sarcasim! Ali's mother is a very good person) just called and due to circumstances beyond her control, I'm now the Teenager Taxi for the night and can't drive to Lutz to meet Davo for our scheduled run!

Boy, it's a good thing I remembered what used to be second nature! If you don't run in the morning chances are more than fair that you aint gonna run!


Star said...

I didn't know wings were on the detox plan.

superdave524 said...

Yeah, I missed my workout this morning, too. I'll get it this p.m. You'll see.

AndyMan said...

Wings, I do not do not like them Sam am I am!

As for tonight, it's off, but I'm ok, cause I already ran. Now tomorrow night's run in on for sure!