Monday, February 1, 2010

The Real Citrus Park!

On Saturday we ran in Citrus Park, no not the mall, this was wetter, longer, less crowded, filled with more culinary treats, and just all around better.

I hate the mall, I like the park.
I hate to park at the mall.
Bears and mountain Lions like to Maul at the Park.
When I got done I felt like I'd been mauled at the park.
Most people fell, I did not fall. I felt like I fell, and then got run over, and then got mauled.

************ The Real Citrus Park! **********

Wait, I must give a shout out to the Professor and his BGF Lindsay, they ran all 41 with us at Citrus and then came back and ran the Florida "It really is a Challenge" Challenge 1/2 marathon on Sunday, and they did very well. Way to go you two!

I feel better today.
I ran this morning and my legs were fine.

When I ran on Saturday I did not feel very good at all for the first 35 miles. I felt and ran very well for the last 6 miles. What's up with that? Does that mean I'll have to keep going at Umstead and Kettle if I don't feel good at some point? I think that's what that means.

Oh well, I have my work cut out for me!


Anonymous said...

I ran 41 miles this weekend too. To the start of my 41 mile race, then I ran back. Good thing the pizza guy met me 1/2 way, twice!

-Dean Karnazes (the real deal!)

Star said...

First of all, you stole that pic from my blog.

Second, if it was really 41-miles (as apposed to 38) at Citrus, then my 9-hours doesn't sound so slow.

Star said...

That apposed is supposed to be opposed.

Anonymous said...

I'm opposed to people who say apposed when they were supposed to say supposed.

So do you think that Lisa Smith-Batchen will write a book about her 50 miles a day in 48 states over 62 days? That sounds more like a complicated math problem than it does a novel-deserving endurance feat.

Now buy my chips!!!

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Star, A2 was on the Garmin, and I'll listen to a Garmin if it says what I want it too (otherwise it's short, always short!) and the Garmin said 41. 39 for the loop and one getting to it and another getting back.

Dean, we're, I mean you're the man!