Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily Double

Skipped the am run this morning. Plenty of sleep. But I treated my self to two cycles of the snooze alarm. It's ok, because yesterday I did the Daily Double! It was my first Daily Double in quite a while (well, running anyway.)

I have done well this week. Popped up and ran on Monday AM. Tuesday, I did the same fearing that RunDavo would have to cancel on the night run, in reality, I cancelled on him (life gets in the way). Still, I had time to squeeze in a 4 mile jaunt whilst Ali was in dance.

So, with two 5 am runs and a double to my credit I slept in, but I don’t want to get too lazy, so I am planning a little jog with RunDavo and the Beckster tonight. It is my desire to run no matter the status of my two partners (I fear retribution for dissing RunDavo last night.) To increase the odds that I get out and run this eve I integrated some running garb in my work outfit today. Yep, I am using the Miles for Moffit tech shirt as my undershirt, and who needs boxers when they have sleek running shorts that provide all the support the boys need? Yep, when the school day ends, I can do the quick change, and since my Super Suit is already on my bod, I won't even need a phone booth! Why didn't Superman ever think of that? Genius!


Anonymous said...

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AndyMan said...

Yeah, I don't randomly click stuff like that, so, I'm leaving that one A-Lone.

But, it I'm sure you want to know that A- I put those under clothes to work and ran 5 good miles with Davo, Becky and Tracy last night, followed by some D-licious brews at the Delicious Brew House (they are doing much better business than the pub they replaced, The Marginal Brew House)

Also, I'm at it again today, I'm glad in running undergarments and ready to R-U-N, run!