Monday, February 8, 2010

Here we go Loop de Loop ....

Here we go Loop de Loop; Here we go Loop de Lie.........

Andy B, Patrick the Fast, and I went over to Clermont and met Tracy at Triathlete hang out called Bradshaw Loop. It's a rolling 10 mile dirt loop. And on that Saturday, it was a muddy track meet.

Geez, but Geez, there were a lot of Tri-Geeks out there (Darn, but I get irritated by Tri-Athletes, not as people or anything, it's just that they drive really nice cars. There wasn't a beater in the bunch. If Roger ran there they'd tell him, "Yeah, your car's ok, for a domestic!" as they struggled around the 10 mile loop.)

Any way, while I was out there looping around I was thinking, this is so silly, just out here running in circles with all these nuts. Isn't there more to life than this? But then I saw Jim Sullivan, yes I guess he really is everywhere! I figure if the guy that's done more ultras than anyone else in the world is out there it must be a good place to run.

Hey Tracy, had fun, thanks! But, geez, is it always so windy?

Gentleman Jim was out there!

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Star said...

It's just like you to run in circles.

I hope you don't consider me a Tri-Geek. And btw: Ironman is ONE sport I'm faster at than Patrick the Fast! HAD to say it :)