Friday, February 26, 2010

A Driven Man

At the end of March I'll be a driven man. The dadgum price of air travel to Raleigh, it just won't come down. So, my buddy Woody is taking his aging Ford Aerostar to Raleigh, and I'm hitching a ride.

It means taking a day off of work, but sick days I got, it's money I do not have.

And while Aluminun might be close to $2 a pound in Cali, it's topping out at about 30 cans for a buck in Florida (that's 1/2 what Arnold's Army is getting on the left coast!)

What's a poor old dude to do?


Anonymous said...

30 cans for a dollar. Do they have to be full?

Dr. Frankenhook

Star said...

You may be hitching a ride if that Aerostar doesn't make it!

AndyMan said...

No Frank, the can don't have to be full.

And Woody's Aerostar has gone 7 million miles already, I reckon it'll go another 1200. (course, for the life of me I don't know why we don't take the 35 MPG Honda Fit or the new SUV in the Wood Garage. But hey, I'm a beggar, and you know what that means.... it means I'm a beggar!

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