Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi, I'm Andy and I'm a Stumblebum

From SnL season 12 (can't find the video anywhere on the web!)
Steve Martin: Um.. is, uh, this the Gerald Ford Clinic?
Kevin Nealon: Yes, it is.
Steve Martin: Great! [ Steve closes the door, walks across the room and trips over Kevin's foot, falling to the floor before finally taking a seat ]

Steve Martin: Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm a stumblebum.
Kevin Nealon: Hi, Kevin, I'm a stumblebum, too.
[ Martin Short enters the room, stepping into a bucket and tripping into an American flagpole near the window ]
Martin Short: Hello! Sorry! Is this where the group therapy is?
Kevin Nealon: Yep.
Steve Martin: Yep.
Martin Short: [ takes a seat ] Okay! I'm Marty!
Steve Martin: Hi, Marty. I'm a stumblebum.
This could have been our pre-race conference on Saturday night at Croom.
Hi, I'm Andy, and I'm a Stumblebum.
Hi Andy, I'm Andy too, and I'm a Stumblebum.
Hi Andy and Andy too, I'm Dan and I'm a bigger Stumblebum.
Yep, between Andy, Andy, and Dan we had 9 falls on Saturday night, making it one of the more successful night runs in recent memory! As a matter of fact of the 7 of us making the trip everyone ended up taking a tumble except Woody and Frank.
Anyway you slice it, that's a lot of time in the dirt.
Since I couldn't find the SnL clip, at least enjoy this appropriate you tube!


Star said...

I would say it was because my gaiters were so mesmerizing, but since you were in front of me most of the time, that's probably not the case.

What a blast...even if I have whiplash from my fall :)

AndyMan said...

Star, don't tell Sandra, but that's A2 that gets mesmerized by your gaiters, oh, don't get me wrong, they're nice gaiters, I just can't take credit when it isn't due me (hehe, I just said due me!)

Andy M
That was Andy, and he's a stumblebum!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea, didn't you stumble into my bum?

Was it because you got caught on the hook, or were you just glad to see me?

Frank S (aka Dr. Hook)

superdave524 said...

Oh, that's rich!

Star said...

Dr. Frank sure catches on quickly!

runsforbeer said...

It's not a trail run until I fall down. Good bruises and scabs keep my legs from looking too nice. Guess that's why I don't have any dates.

Badwater is a go this summer, so that means I'll be in the Keys! Can't wait to share the pavement fest with you!

AndyMan said...

Springman, I'm your boy! It'll be good to see you scraps and all!