Monday, February 15, 2010

There are Victories, and Personal Victories

I wish I could say I won a cool race like our bud Andy Barrett did this weekend. I'm proud of him, he's been running very well.

But, while I didn't win, or even run, a race, I still had a great running weekend. It started on Saturday when I met Little Lisa at Trout Creek. We had a nice, relaxing 12 miles at a steady pace. My legs felt good.

Sunday it was only Star and Tracy Cole (nice lady and quick ultra runner from Longwood, FL) and I up at Croom. We started at 7 AM in 24 degree weather. But it was a beautiful day, and even though I never wear tights, only shorts, I was never cold. We chugged around for 31 miles and again, my legs were great (my feet were killing me, but not the Plantar area) and I felt better at mile 30 than at mile 5. So, 43 or so miles in two days, and I was feeling pretty good.

Today Star and I met again, this time back at Trout Creek. We motored for 15 miles, and it was effortless. So, 58 miles, the legs feel good. I have a pretty good shot at Umstead, and I'll slay 'em at Kettle in June.

Things, they be looking up!


Star said...

I'm happy for you that is was all "effortless" and "relaxing." I wish I could say the same.

What I CAN say is that you are going to unleash at Umstead and kill Kettle!

AndyMan said...

Yeah, you said it Star. Bring it on (quick, while I'm healthy :)