Saturday, February 27, 2010

From the Aerostar to the Exposition!

I've moved from the Aerostar to the Exposition (and back again, I'm sad to say!) No, no, I'm still driving up to NC with Woody on 3/25, but this is about yesterday's trip to the Jose Gasparilla Exposition for the 24,000 plus runners attending this weekend's running events.

I haven't been to the expo in a couple of years, don't know why, just haven't, but I went yesterday. I can say runners must live longer, because I saw the same old faces that I saw there 20 years ago. Geez, but I'm getting old!!! But not yall, seriously. Not yall.

It was kind of cool walking around shooting the breeze. I was a little, embarrassed when people asked me what time I was going to run the marathon in. I said, "hopefully daytime!" Truth is my goal is every bit as ambitious as it was when I had to break 3:15 9 years ago to run Boston. No not nearly as fast (3:40) but age, injuries, and different emphasis over the last 9 years make this goal just as daunting.

I'll tell you what, I understand why it's just as daunting, I just have to get comfortable in my new skin.


superdave524 said...

I'll bet you break 4:20.

Woody said...

I wouldn't drive a Ford. You get to go in luxury... A 1996 Plymouth Voyager!... only 186,000 miles.

Mr. Matt said...

Woody, My bad!