Monday, June 2, 2008

4 More Hours, 20 More Miles, One more Letter

Well once I got going today, I felt pretty good, I must say. Here's the trip: 10 miles (2 Hours), 23 miles (5:30), 19 Miles (3:55), and 20 miles (4 hours.) 72 Miles in at altitude, I'll take it! Or in beers, 4 beers, 6 beers, 8 beers, 5 beers and 2 Ezzra Brooks Kentucky bourbon, 1 beer and still counting. Yoikes, 26 beers and 2 whiskeys.

And not to forget, I added the letter N to my training jumble. We now have In The Gran. With 3 1/2 weeks to go I only need D, and I should pick that up on Friday's night run. We'll get SLAM at the races.

I did a loop called, Greenland Open Space. And it wasn't entirely open, as you'll see when I post the pictures tomorrow, there was a tree, maybe even two.

The course was an 8.5 loop with rolling hills. I did that twice plus a side trip to a place called Palmer Lake Trailhead which promised bathrooms with running water and a cold water spigot. And they had it all, if you knew where to look (two out of three aint bad, unless you're running low on water and the side trip took you 6 miles from the car.)

Anyway, it's been a wonderful trip, Chase and Saralee are aces! They have been so good to me, and I feel right at home. However, I'll be glad to get back home and see Ali and Har-Har, and most importantly, to DRY OUT! I haven't had this much alcohol since.......... grade school!


superdave524 said...

In the Gran? Sounds like a Harold and Maude thing.

AndyMan said...

Oh, that's rich. You know what else is rich?

Chase reminds me that I left the following indulgences (Things in which I indulged, not the John Tetzel kind):
several glasses of Port Wine on Friday
A pitcher of Top shelf margaritas last night, yeah, I'm well over three per day (but not yet today :)

The Professor said...

You leave Harley to go on vacation, I leave Tracy to go on vacation...good thing they were able to form a support group this week.

Chase Squires said...

Hey, you need a support group? I got your support group, it's called "Everyone." We meet at the bar.

Andy, remember: hydrate.

Star said...

You won't be drying out here, my friend. Its hotter than hell.

But with those mountain man legs, you'll be ready to join Candi and me for a Clermont bike ride from the lake to Sugarloaf for running hill-repeats and a bike ride back. That's taking place in two weeks, so get yer bike ready.

And Chase: it really IS a drinking group with a running problem, isn't it?