Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Upson Downs

Auntie Mame wasn't a big fan of Upson Downs, (the name for the country estate of the Upson's, whose bitchy daughter was to marry her precious nephew, Mame put the wood to that relationship!) I'm not a fan of Ups and Downs either. You may not like life's Ups and Downs, but you better learn to deal with them, otherwise you're in for a miserable time.

Saturday as I was crewing for Roger, Becky, Woody and Dan, I also got in a few miles of my own. Running down the mountain I felt light, agile, and even fast. As I was cruising down the mountain, hopping from rock to rock and throwing my body into the perfect position to make turns, I felt like Rocky Bleier of the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers. Bleier had his Ups and his Downs. He was seriously injured in Vietnam, but came back to play on four Super Bowl teams with the Steelers. He succeeded not because he was the best, but because he knew how to play, he was tough, and he was fearless. (Didn't hurt that Jack Lambert and Mean Joe Green were on his team and not against him!) I always think of Rocky's SI magazine cover from 1975 when I throw my legs from one side of the trail to the other to find the line. Rocky was dodging land mines or linebackers, with me it's just rocks, but the body motion is the same.

Any way, Saturday, that was my UP. I left the trail thinking, Western States, "Look out! I'm Ready!"

Today, the Downs :-( The leg, which I haven't iced since Saturday, didn't feel great. It was really hot, I ran with Davo, he's faster than I these days. I felt slow. I felt fat. I felt like Milli the pede I reported on a few weeks ago.

But, I'll make the most of it. I realize I am somewhere between Rocky and the hard place, and I don't know what will happen, but I'll give it my all, in just 10 days!


Anonymous said...

Andy, Feeling fat sluggish and afraid will help you keep it all together at Western.
Remember the benefits of adrenaline. I swear I am always hurt or sick the days leading up to something big...but I never am... I suggest you jump into a swimming pool or go to the beach...do a beach run and swim in the surf. It will be good.

AndyMan said...

That's some good advice there! It's the darn taper, it'll drive you crazy, gotta get the mind off of the whole ball o wax!

Roger said...

Training is the easy part! You know you have to push, you have to hurt and sacrifice. It's all part of the plan, the greater good. But a TAPER. AHHHH!!! It'll drive you crazy! Too much time to think about every little muscle twinge and scratch in your throat. Take your vitamins, don't shake hands with sick people, wear a mask on the plane (Ok, I don't do that), and RELAX. 10 minutes into States it will be like all other important races that you try to peak for. You'll forget about all the stupid little things you've been worrying about and get right into the flow of the event. Simple. Like eating a pop-tart.

AndyMan said...

I think i'll eat a pop tart ..... I did, I did

The Professor said...

Midol tends to help that fat and sluggish feeling. Maybe a hot bath while you watch Sex and the City and drink chamomile tea.

AndyMan said...

Thanks Prof, that means so much to me that you are thinking of me, I could just cry!

Just me said...

Really, Aman? It was hot today? Star, you believin' that? Hot? Huh.

Now get those frozen peas or that frozen water bottle and make it your best friend for the next week and a half.

Arlene said...

Training is the HARD part! That's why I am NOT running another marathon. I hate training!

But you are DONE with training! You got past the hardest part.

My piriformis hurt worse when I was tapering. It quit hurting when the gun went off in Boston.

You might want to read a book and keep your mind from thinking about the aches, pains, twinges, scratches. Enjoy the taper; you earned it!

It could be worse....you could be thinking about lesson plans?

Suck it up Aman!

Chase Squires said...

Dude, stop ... running ... now.

it's over. After seeing you slug it out with the altitude and mountains in God's Country, I know you're more than ready ...

sit. still.

stop. pushing.

WS will come. Have a beer. And for Chripse sake, quit your whining.

... just sayin'

AndyMan said...

Thanks Arlene, and thanks Chase. Like to say, I was not and am not whining, I'm sharing. It's how I felt, it's humidity induced honesty (I know it sounds like whining, but really it isn't, really more like fear. Now this is whining: Teachers don't get paid enough... the students don't respect us.... Jeez, even I can't stand that talk!)