Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scales of Justice: Week 174

The scale has been very fair to me. It only took 10 weeks to realize that.

I've come down from 183 to 174 in 8 weeks. And truthfully, I I was like 188 a couple of weeks before that.

It's not the scale's fault that I didn't start soon enough.

It's not the scale's fault that I like movie theatre popcorn, and beer, and pizza, and nachos, and beer (did I already say that? I like beer.)

Yep, a pound a week is quality weight loss, and that's what I've been losing, if I'd have started weigh back in January I'd be Candi Ashley by now!
But (Star Close your eyes) look where I started! I'm doing A-OK! That fatty couldn't even run, look at me now! Woo Who! I'm running down the hill, I'm flying (much like TS Garp was flying at the end of his World According To, but flying none the less!)

Ok, you can open them now.

Yep the scale is fair....... Darm effin' scale!


Star said...

The only way for you to look like The Good Doctor would be to undergo an Epiphysiodesis procedure, lose 75 pounds and get a dog that you like.

AndyMan said...

Yeah, that's kinda my point. We're all built differently. I'll never be able to zip up the hills like the Good Doctor, but nor will she ever be able to fly down them like me (it's a gravity thing, we may not have to obey all the laws, but we must all obey that one!)

As for my pet "ownership" I love my dog. I just never meant to have a dog. I got conned into Harleyship, the owner's simply split town without a word. So if I complain from time to time, that should just be a reminder that I did a hell of a good deed and you should thank your lucky Stars that you know someone as kind as me (I am sure Harley does!)

superdave524 said...


AndyMan said...

Epi-Who? I just hope if I got one, it aint showin'! Knowhatimean?

Just me said...

That Star is a smart one. I had to look this one up...

What is an epiphysiodesis?

It is an operation on the epiphyseal (growth) plate in one of your child’s legs to slow down the growth of a specific bone. Usually, it is carried out if one leg is a different length from the other.

AndyMan said...

Well, she certainly got us there, Several Advanced degrees and we didn't know what Epiphysiodesis meant.

And I proved I wasn't very smart in rescuing a dog from certain death and not be able to afford to board him. That aint real smart (unless you are looking at it from the dog's point of view I guess.)

The Professor said...

My friend Ilene got an Epiphysiodesis procedure. After the operation she had to change her name.

AndyMan said...

Oh, that's good! And how is Irene?

Arlene said...

Would your insurance cover an epi-whatever? If so.....?

And you are a good man to take Har-har into your home and provide care for him. His former owners need an epi-something for what they did to him!

Congrats on the weight loss! Doing it slowly will keep it off!

Lynne said...

Andy does not plan to keep the weight off, like most people like to do.

He is looking forward to putting it back on, but he can't do that quite yet :)

But he is losing it very slowly !

Arlene said...

Thanks for clearing that up Lynne! In that case, I wouldn't waste money on the epi-whatever.

Party on!