Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lair, of the Beer, I MEAN Bear!

See, I told you guys it wasn't Croom! They gots mountains, they gots streams, and they gots NO HUMIDITY!
Of course those mountains will slow anybody not named Roger Sutton down, while my mileage hasn't been off the charts (though I did clock in 93 this week) the time on the feet has been valuable as heck fire. Yesterday 23 in 5:26 (just about what Andy B and I ran 35 in on Monday) and 19 in a smidge under 4 today have left me wondering how long 16 at Greenwood will take me tomorrow.
But the legs are solid, the foot is holding up and I'm getting ready for Western States. My gosh, I wish my Florida buddies were here! With these cheap arse airfares, we're doing it next summer, party at La Casa de Squires (beer is included in the one low price!)


superdave524 said...

So, did you take a bus yet?

Lynne said...

Glad the foot is doing good, just keep an eye on your right one, right ?

Fabulous photos.

Star said...

How many beers did you drink in that 5.5 hour run?

Chase Squires said...

Dave, sadly no bus rides for Andy this trip, we walked everywhere .. (hey, good name for a band, "No Bus Rides For Andy") but he did get to see the Freak Train (the No. 15 Colfax local)

Lynne, thanks, I took 'em!

Star, it's usually one beer per mile. Hydration. Very important.

AndyMan said...

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration, he's been stressing, and I've been listening!