Friday, June 20, 2008

Whether Madness

Ok, It's officially started. The part where I drive myself crazy worrying about things I can't control (but enough about my love life :) I am talking, of course, about the weather. Whether or not I can control it I've still gotta freak out over it.

San Fran will be nice on Wed. (65/52) but so what? We'll have air control and we're out of there on Thursday without running a step.
Now, Olympic Valley (race start) is supposed to gonna be beautiful. Yeah we don't spend much time at the start of the Race.

I don't know how to get a prediction on the temps in the canyons, but I know Forest Hill at mile 62 is predicted to be up to 91 on Saturday, means it's gotta be hotter in the canyons.

Oh, well, can't do anything about it....... cept worry myself sick, which I have covered.


Chase Squires said...

What have you heard about snow at the top?

Not that I'll worry too much about it, way in the back, but ...

And while you worry about weather, suddenly I've developed some kind of freak calf injury, back of my left calf, like a constant cramp.

Jeeze ... whatever. I'll have a couple Vicodin with me on this run.

superdave524 said...

I don't wanna brag or anything, but I ran FOUR miles today (well, a ran three, walked one. Er, I JOGGED three, walked one). I understand you guys also run a little.

Lynne said...

SuperD, good work. Did your boys get out there with you ? :)

AndyMan said...

Hey Super D, great! four miles isn't shabby. And if Chase is packing, I may have to run close by. As for the snow, I've heard it'll be pretty light. Good for the River crossing, but I had fun sliding the 30 Miles between Olympic Valley and Little Bald Mtn in 05.

Star said...

You're have NO CONTROL over the weather. Accept it. Its not like your bike is going to slip 'n' slide around the hills. Think about what you DO have control over. (My free advice for the day...even though its Saturday).

Chase: Maybe you have what I have. The best remedy (since some of us are drug-free) is ice ten-minutes, then heat ten-minutes for an hour.

SD: You'll be running with the big boys soon :)