Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June's Words of Wisdom

June, what a great month, if you are a teacher, which I am!
June, what a great runner.
June, what a great friend (Yall, she's watching Harley for me while I'm hiking the mountains in Georgia and NC, How cool is that? VERY!)
June, what a great sense of humor, if you've ever done a loop with her, you haven't done it without laughing out loud at one time or many others, tellyouthatrightnow!
June, what great words of Wisdom. And here are her thoughts regarding Friday's night run (I love this list!)

1. No matter how bad the trail is during the day, it's worse at night. (how many times can I fall?)
2. You can be very hungry at 3am

3. The darkest hour is not just before the dawn. It's about mile 30.

4. Falling into spider webs is just as scary at night as during the day

5. Animals sound 100# heavier creeping through the brush at night.

6. Some birds don't sleep, same with some trail runners.

7. Beer is just as good at 7 am as 7pm.

8. A boiled potato is better than a power bar.

9. A road shared with friends is a better road than the one you would have been alone on.

10. The world is always turning toward the morning.

Hey, not bad Rook! I already knew most of that, well, maybe not most, but some, well, I did know one thing; that a beer can be just as good at 7 AM, that I did know (Learnt that on Spring Break in Panama City, Whilst attending Auburn (aka, THE University of Alabama!)

So, I'm outta town while June watches Harley, and, I kilt the battery in my computer, so I'm not even bringing it. Unless Roger has one stashed in the GA house, I'm out of commission until Sunday, but when I come back, I'll have pictures, oh yeah, I do bring the camera everywhere!


superdave524 said...

Have a great time. See you Sunday (virtually).

Star said...

Does June know you stole her words? You seem to be very good at taking things that aren't yours.

AndyMan said...

I did in fact seek and get permission from June before barrowing her words. And Star, please forgive, I'll get those books back to you pronto! And it was very nice for you to lend them to me. The trigger point relieved my ITB quickly! You are AWESOME!!!!!!