Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the Rest

And the Rest!

1. Where did I get it?
2. What does it mean?

Well, I got it from Gilligan's Island season 1. On the intro song they sang about all the characters on the show, except for the Professor and MaryAnne, the were, "And the Rest," all here on Gilligan's Isle.... Well, I always thought that was crap, what you can mention everybody but the last two? So, I wrote them a letter (and the star's manager's complained, and the star's complained), and the network read my letter and changed the song for season two! You all know the new ending, "The professor and MaryAnne, all here on Gilligan's Isle..." much better.

Ok, I was going somewhere with this. Oh, yeah. So, yesterday, Lance with the St. Pete Times, comes out to Croom, I wanted him to take pictures of the Florida Ultra group. I wanted .... Dude writing the story, only wanted pictures of me, so it was kinda weird, he stuck a camera in my grill and took like 400 pictures, and that lens was kinda big, and it was hard to feel normal (not that I know what normal feels like!)

In case the FU'ers aren't in the paper, they'll still be intheSlam...

Davo was there!
Julie came by and sold some wares

Andy B was running great.

You can always tell when Jon's there, his car gives him away. You can always tell when E's there, because everyone is having a better time!

Jon may have the personalized license plate, but Star's got the whole bike! And she wasn't even there, but at least her name was! (kinda blurry, but the symbol says Stat right on it)

Tracy was there, all Sad with the Professor gone
for the summer, we tried to cheer her up.

"And the Rest" not pictured (Dan, Kathleen, Woody, some blondish chick won some race 3 times, Candi, Linda were all out there too, but too fast for me to their mugs on camera)

Oh, yeah, and "And the Rest," Is also because with less than one week until Western States, I'll be getting serious about my rest! No more double digit runs, no more of my weakly bike rides in San Antonio, no more getting up at the crack of dawn, and the rest, all here on AndyMan's Duplex (Right side from the street, on the left if you park in the back)


Anonymous said...

Who's the hot chick at the bottom? With "the professor" gone for the summer I can now make her mine! Just one flex of my left calf and she'll be like melting tanning oil on my chest!!!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Hey, I'd look good on that bike :)

And, what are you talking about...WEEKLY (or weakly) bike rides??? I must have missed you out there.

AndyMan said...

Star, like always, you missed nothing! You were out there for all my rides, and none were anything but weak :-( Rematch postponed!

And Dean, you got great taste, but don't let the Professor catch you talking that trash, he romp and stomp on you (after he gets your autograph of course!)

superdave524 said...

Love the Gilligan's Island theme. Must've been that second tier status that drove Maryanne to ganja.

AndyMan said...

Or, or, it could have been the ability to afford it and not have to worry about drug tests. I mean with a name like MaryAnne, she's got to be related to MaryJane.