Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tail on the Scale # 39

Whooo who! Even after 5 days of drinkin' and smokin' and eatin' Rocky Mountain Oysters I still lost a pound! Now that's progress, Now that's amazin'! Now that only happened because of this*!

But I'll take it, oh, you bet I will! Down to 175, 5 more pounds in 24 days, no problem^ then another 10 before Leadville August 16, then I can do what I like, start heading back up the scale!!

Yall be good, and eat well!

ps, I didn't really smoke anything at all, but with those cigars Chase was firing up, I was tempted, I really was.
*= weight taken after 5 mile run in the humidity and before rehydration occurred
^= provided I stay out of Denver and off the hooch, sweets, Rocky Mountain Oysters, and pizza.


Chase Squires said...

Live for the finer things, m'man, live for the finer things.

AndyMan said...

Aint it so, aint it so! And while you're at it, set fire to everything that keeps you from living your life!!!

Just me said...

Rocky Mountain oysters????? Really??? You didn't.

AndyMan said...

What J-Me, you don't like seafood? Chase swore they were fresh!