Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scales of Justice #172 Part 2

Which weighs more, a pound of Elephant poop, or a pound of feathers?
Er, times up! The pound of poop of course! Ok, they weigh the same (not, that' I'd want to be the guy that weighs them. Talk about your bad part time jobs!)

No weight loss this week, that's the first time in 11 weeks. It's a fair cop!

I could be hacked, but why? Hard to lose weight when you are tapering, I'm just glad I didn't gain any, could go the other way you know?

Something tells me I might just lose a pound or two this weekend, just maybe.....
Well, This week's AndyMan, weighs the same as last week's AndyMan, but I'd rather be this week's AndyMan. Why? Because this week's AndyMan got to maintain by running all of 4 miles, whoo who! And this week's AndyMan is off to California.... right..... NOW! See YA!

Oh, yeah, pray for me, please!

BTW, I'll have a ghost writer filling in for me while I'm gone, so you'll see a post or two, but I won't be able to check or respond until Monday 6/30, have fun with me or heck have fun at me, I don't care, I'll still love you (yes you!)


superdave524 said...

So, like, are you going to be ghost-checking the comments?

Chase Squires said...

See ya there, you can check your email at those de-lux hotel rooms I got us at Lake Tahoe ... NOT.

Anonymous said...

One foot in front of the other, my brother. I'll be praying for you.


The Professor said...

Sweet...I KNEW you still loved me.

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