Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sign of the Times

Cool run up in Croom this morning.

This dude:
we'll call him Lance, showed up with his, Mine's Bigger! cameras and took some candid shots of my buds and me (well mostly me) for the St. Pete Times. Seems they have agreed to accept the money I sent them and are running my add (ok, it's really an article, see, I didn't have to pay them, turns out I AM GOOD FOR NOTHING!)

I'll let you guys know when the Times is running this thing, see, they are the best newspaper in Florida (well, they were when they had Chase! Though Lance and Terry Tomalin are aces too!)
I've got more pictures, but first, I must nap!


Chase Squires said...

Hey, I know Lance, Lance is way cool ... the Suzuki of his, it's like 19 years old or something!

Anonymous said...

I know a guy who does some top notch photo airbrushing if you want to looked ripped like I did on the last 71 covers of Runners World.

-Dean Karnazes

P.S. - I NEVER nap.

AndyMan said...

Hey, Prof, don't you worry, I kept a close eye on Tracy this morning, she's doing great, didn't get lost or anything! (hey, I'm teasing, you guys are great, and I mean that :)

AndyMan said...

And Chaser, Lance tole me to tell you hi. He asked if you liked Denver, I said you loved the mass transit, strangley he understood.

superdave524 said...

Looking forward to the pix.

Just me said...

Any place is better if Chase is there! (Have we told you we miss you lately?)