Saturday, December 22, 2007

At Least it was NOT 20!

It was an early Christmas today.

I'm usually pretty good at waiting till Christmas to open my presents, but I got in to the spirit a little early this year. I was doing well cruising along, then it was Ali's mom see, she gave her a new cell phone, and gave it to her as an early present, so I had to match her present for present, I had to. It had nothing to do with me wanting to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2-disk special edition. I was just trying to keep up really it was.

Ok, well since Ali got a couple of presents early, I thought I deserved an early present. and since I had nothing under the tree, I gave myself the onliest present I could think of.... er, a I sorta went for a little run at Morris Bridge this morning. Hey, hey, hey, everyone else was getting presents, so I gave myself one, what?

Anyway, I was careful, I didn't run too far, only 15 miles (yeah, I didn't think it was that long, but then I checked it out, and it was 15 miles) but I did run very slowly. And I was careful, and it was a chance to run with my friends Brian Singletary, and Frank Sierra, (he is a doctor, so you know, I had that going for me, well, a dentist is a doctor) and Leon was there for an hour. See, so there was that. And we saw like 30 little pigs and 3 really large ones (so it was 15, but it was a bunch, and they were SO cute), and one small gator. That was fun.

Any way, we are talking 5 hours later, and still no pain, so I think I'm pretty much well, but still, I'm waiting till Christmas morning to run again, really this time. And I promise not to go over 15, yall I promise!


Arlene said...

And a Happy New Year too!

Chase Squires said...

And a psychiatrist is a doctor too ... just sayin'

Aw, heck, like I always say, no pain, no pain.

Hey see if you can get one of those little piggies to hold an apple in his mouth. Then, whack him with a baseball bat, take him home and cook him. Merry Christmas!