Monday, December 17, 2007

Try, Try, Try X 621.67 Again!

If at first you don't succeed, try, try X 932.5 Again! Hey you don't know.

Me qualifying for Boston- 16 tries to success.

Jack Eckerd- 91 tries to run for Fl governor- 0 success

Western States Lottery- 4 tries, 2 times in.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 1865 kickoff returns, until, paydirt! #17 Micheal (that's how he spells it) Spurlock- 90 yards to the house!! 1st time ever, and I was there.

I used to be a season ticket holder. During the strike years we went to scab-ball. We saw Wayne Haddox become an all-pro based on his interceptions during 4 scab games. Danny White threw for 14 touchdowns in 1/2 of a football game. And I saw a lot of that, but never did I see the Bucs return a kickoff for a touchdown in a real game, because it never happened, until yesterday! Yesterday it happened... 6:32 left in the 1st quarter and BAM! Off goes Spurlock, my goodness it might have better not to be there so I could have heard Gene Deckeroff pimping for somebody but still going ApeClemens over the play... Micheal Spurlock, You're my hero! Then Spurlock had to go and give credit to the little 9 pound 8 oz baby Jesus (well, did he help Micheal, or did he jinx the Falcons? The coachless, quarterbackless, directionless Falcons, yeah on 3rd thought, he may well have jinxed them!)

Anyway, I almost went pee-pee, but instead I stayed in my seat and, the seat that I conned out of Davo's buddy Lane (whom I kept calling Lynne)

Ok, I'll edit this later, but for now,

Look out PATS.... here come the BUCS!!!!



Chase Squires said...

Bring it, pal. I got my chewed up, sawed off, grubby old sweatshirt ready to go!

Andy Mathews said...

Be good! Be young shave with a Remmington, back when Victor Kiam owned the Pats. He liked it so much, he bought the company, the company of Steve Grogan.