Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Ougtta Give it Back

Today, this morning, (except for my neighbors for them it was still last night, as they were just getting in, all liquored up) I left the house at 3:40 AM to go help the fabulous Luna Chicks in the 9th Annual Unafulluna Starkey Park 50 Mile/50 K/Half Marathon/and 5 K.

..... 50-Mile Runners, starting at 5 AM, Crazy!! ....

It was so cool helping out with the race. I got some pictures. Hey, check it out, on the right are my most excellent pacers from Ancient Oaks. There is Tracy (she's the cute one) and Adam (ok, he aint to bad either, I guess, I mean Tracy loves him, but that's just not how I roll, not that there is anything wrong with that.) I didn't say it enough, they really did well for me, I owe them!

This is Maureen O'Sullivan, picture over on the left (She hated the other picture and demanded I replace it with this one): Now we know where her son, former Jesuit Student and Andy Mathews coached track star, and a D-I football player at Mississippi State, gets his speed; Maureen won the 5 K.

Now you want to talk awesome: This is E, making sure that my work is akrit (that's an Alabama term, it means close enough for volunteer work), she's and Pam are the heart and soul of all things Luna.

Speaking of Pam, she and I were Leto Falcons together back in the late 70's, and early 80's. Pam and her twin sister Patty would follow my footsteps into the Hall of Fame at Leto. Who knew, we were neighbors, we were schoolmates, and now we work together (well for that morning anyway)

...... AndyMan and Pam, taking a break......

Oh, yeah, one more, Jim Sullivan, one of only two Florida cats to finish Western States was there, and he's so cool, check out that mug! What a smile!

Anyway, it was a stone cold blast, wish I had been able to stay for the whole foray, but I had to watch the Bucs 2nd and third team get edged out by the Parolina Canthers full team. Well, I understood resting the Bucs starting football players, but why did they rest the good coaches too. No way Gruden called some of those bonehead plays, I mean he's a professional right?


Chase Squires said...

You can't beat 5 5-mile flat out-n-backs for fun ....

Unless it's 29 3.2 mile loops, I always say.

Andy Mathews said...

Hey, I didn't know that there was a 3.2 mile option! Shoot, and I ran the 3.5 mile course. We should have talked before the race.