Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nah Man, Aint Gonna Do it!

The weather is beautiful, I feel great I want to go for a 15 mile trail run, oh I want to, but will I?No way, even though I feel all better, I'm still taking the week off.

The ITB isn't hurting anymore, the sciatic hurts a little, but I'm going to try to be smart. Wish me luck!



superdave524 said...

Don't do it, My Brudda! I know you love to run, but you've got four big'uns to go, and if you don't let yourself heal...

Chase Squires said...

In other words: "Don't pick at that..."

Arlene said...

The AndyMan CAN'T!
The AndyMan can't
Even if he mixes it with love
you know, the run won't go good!

Take Har-Har for a long walk.

Go Bucs!

Star said...

Uhhhh...I believe its Nature's way of telling to CROSS-TRAIN, YOU DIP-$#*^! Get in the water and float around for awhile in your speedo. Walk with the stroller mommies. Or...dare I say...hop on a bike for a little tour de neighborhood?
Ya got to listen to Mother...she's always right, my friend. And if you don't, she won't let you go to the grand slam!

Andy Mathews said...

But Oh man, it feels great, the leg that is. However, it feels better than it has in months, so I'm going to continue my rest until Monday, then, back at it. Trails only for a bit.

I Can NOT do it! I can!