Monday, December 24, 2007

Resolutions are Hair!

An Early Resolution: The Gym, I'm going to start going, really this time. The AC 100 taught me, two things:

1) Gotta be strong. No doughboys in the Grandslam. It's one thing to be able to run 100 miles, but it takes a different stronger body to recover in time to run another 100 miles in three weeks, which I'll have to do twice in the slam. Gotta strengthen the core, the back, the hips, may throw in some Rogainne too, as long as I'm getting the body looking buff, may as well get the hair looking good too. "What's different about him? Did he lose weight?" My secret, "No, I went to see Sy Sperling, he's not just the president of the Hair Club for Men, he's also a customer!"
2) Never trust Mike Melton to send you pictures. (hey the ones that SuperDave sent me weren't usable, and took like 40 minutes to download on high speed wireless, but he sent them! I can look at them, but I just can't use them.)

Ok, off to the Gym, I'm a gym-rat now, I hope all of the good spots near the mirrors aren't taken, Gee from this angle I look ________ (fill in the blank, best response wins free stuff)

BTW, Arlene won the First Watch Gift Card, we gotta meet for a brew so I can hand it out! And I have to get and learn Photo Shop, if this was Chase's blog, his mug would be all over the buff dude and on Sy, man, it would be sweet!


Arlene said...

YEA! I knew that I could do it!

Remember, I said that I was going to buy you those First Watch potatoes with some of the card. So we can meet there...MY treat!

However, I like brew too, if you call that Ultra stuff "brew"? So...the Bucs have one regular season game left and a playoff game. They go better with brew, as you know.

Some advice from someone that has her gym membership auto debitted from the the money on the Rogaine. Every one of those body builder guys that I see in the gym that are "buff" have NO hair on their heads. So, instead of spending lots of money on the Rogaine, you may just want to spend just a little less and get a good razor and Barbasol. Or wait a little while longer and let it happen au natural?

Can't wait for those pancakes!

Andy Mathews said...

No, I agree no Rogainne, but Sy Sperling is looking pretty good! You know you can swim with those things on!

Chase Squires said...

If you think about it, Santa must be an ultrarunner ... he travels a great distance, goes through the night, wears weird clothes .... and Rudolph is sporting a headlamp of sorts!

Merry Christmas!!

Dr. Maguse said...

some advice about this strong man look...don't do it! Yikes. just wear the halloween costume instead.

superdave524 said...

My husband-in-law (my ex-wife's husband) apparently just saw Sy. Dark brown new hair up top, salt and pepper beard on the chin. Subtle as a Mack truck.

Andy Mathews said...

Hey, Dr.Mag, just cause you like 'em scrawny, well, the cheap tarts like the muscel bound pin heads, and everybody likes the cheap tarts :-)

Dave, As for Darrel's head, jeez, I had no idea that was Sy's work (I merely thought a ferret met with an unhappy ending on Darrel's dome!)

Dr. Maguse said...

i don't like 'em scrawny...i like 'em athletic and not bulging above the waist