Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who Knows?

Well, who knows when I'll be running again? I certainly don't. I know it will be at least next Monday (8 days from now) when next I lace them up. My leg feels much better today, but I want to start training, I want to come back strong. I don't want a lingering thing, and if I do this thing smart I can come back no problem. Smart is not easy for me. Tough, well that's fairly easy, but now is the time for smart, which is much tougher than tough, knowhatimean?

After my little 2 mile run with Harley on Friday I've been in some nasty pain. Thing is it comes and goes. The worst is driving the stick shift car. The left leg first doesn't like getting in the go-cart clearance of the Honda Fit, nor does it like the clutching motion. I'm ok if I stand, but sitting aggravates it. I'm ok walking (as long as I do a What About Bob, and take baby steps), and it generally feels ok when I run, but I definitely pay a price afterward.

So, that's the plan. No running till Dec. 24. I don't like it, but I better learn to love it! I guess I'll be drinking light beer (yuck! No, I'll just lose the extra pounds!).


Chase Squires said...

That sucks, sorry you're banged up ... in hindsight, running 100 miles on a nagging injury may have been unwise.

If you izn't better by Dec. 24, might I recommend using your fabulous teacher benefits to see a doc? ("Doc, it hurts after I run 100 miles" ... "So don't run 100 miles") ...

superdave524 said...

Go, Bucs!