Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finals Suck!

Ok, for anyone that's ever been in school, this just in (about 10000 years ago!) Finals suck!

I'd rather take them than grade them!

From one of my high school seniors: The Declaration of Independence was issued in....... the American Civil War. Er..... so that's why Robert E. Lee is on the $80 bill!
But they can still figure out how to get on the web and buy their Hannah Montana tickets!
Oh, yeah, not only does grading finals suck, but I can't rightly update my blog AND proctor at the same time, er, I actually have tried that...... just kidding for anyone who has a child attending Tampa Catholic, really, just kidding!


professoracg said...

My finals were equally as enjoyable...and these are college students!!!!!

Question: Describe how the laws of supply and demand influence price changes in unregulated markets.

Answer: The presidents (of the United States?) must follow the laws of supply and demand when he sets all retail prices.


superdave524 said...

These weren't students from the old USSR, were they?

Sadly, ignorance never goes out of style. I remember randomly asking H.S. seniors and juniors when I was a senior who the sitting vice president was. Not who was George Washington's vice-president, but who was Jimmy Carter's VP. Almost none of them knew. Walter Payton they remember, Walter Mondale got no love.

Chase Squires said...

I am ... McLovin' ... :-)

Andy Mathews said...

On the other hand there are the creative zeroes:

Queen Elizabeth was such a repected leader because she was loved. (oh really, and who was McLovin on her?)

And by the way, never through a date in your answer unless you are sure. The Magna Carta made William of Normandy King of England in 1866. Er, hey, why don't you just write, Hey, Mr. Mathews, if you read this, I'm screwed, but there is something written here, so, I hope for a bit of credit. I could respect that (same grade, but better story!)