Monday, December 31, 2007

NYED Volume 2007 in the Year of Our Lord!

It was a modest crowd, except for Davo he's not real modest, er, wait, not that kind of modest, it was a smallish crowd.

We had Becky, Joe, Candi, Andy (that's me), Davo, Lisa, Gretchen and Juno (that's Davo's dog). We ran 15 miles, it was a good time. I ran too fast (almost kept up with Davo) for the first 1/2 was a little worried about that pesky ITB, but then I slowed down a tic and hoofed it in with Candi and Becky.

It was a stone groove. Can I tell you, what a great way to end the year. I do believe I'll start the New Year same activity at a different venue.


Chase Squires said...

Nay, if I was there, then it would've been a "smallish" crowd ...

AndyMan said...

I only wanted to shrek out my new picture so I have no small comment

Anonymous said...

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