Saturday, May 24, 2008

Did a Dad Ever have a Better Day?

Ok, so it was more like 36 hours, but hey that's what they give us to finish the Wasatch 100, so if they call that a day, I can too!

Life sometimes seems unfair. On Thursday my daughter's school, Most Holy Redeemer (I wanted to send her to Least Holy Redeemer, it was cheaper, but her mom won that argument. Good thing too.) There are some key differences:

Most Holy Redeemer ......................Least Holy Redeemer
they use the Holy Bible.......................v.............The Un-Holy One
End Services with, Go now in peace..v.. If that's what you want to believe
10 commandments..............................v... 6 suggestions/guidelines
12 Disciples ..........................................v....5 drinking buddies

Anyway, Thursday at MHR was the award ceremony for the eighth-graders/graduates (if you are like me, you didn't have a middle-school graduation, but these students do, most have been together for up to 9 years, K-8, so they give them a nice send-off.) Well, I had to administer my exam at TC on Thursday at the same time. I wanted to slip away and go to the ceremony, but I just couldn't, it wouldn't have been fair to the 80 kids taking my exam. So, I missed it. Well, it was something to miss!

My daughter, proving that the apple can in deed fall very far from the tree, won the following awards of the 44 8th Grade students:
The Social Studies Award (Ok, I'll take some credit here, I do teach SS)
The Science Award (I used to watch Bill Nye with her, that count?)
The Language Arts Award (again, we called this English back in the day)
The Christian Formation Award (yeah, can't take credit here!!)
And the kicker- Highest overall GPA!

Wow! What a ceremony to miss :(. But they did give a recap at Graduation, on Friday, and you better believe I was there for that! Also, a nice surprise, she got to deliver the closing speech at Graduation. I am the proudest luckiest pop this side of the Hillsborough River, and that's a fact!

I wanted to include a snipet of her speech, but after 1.5 hours it still hadn't finished downloading. Oh, well, it was wonderful.

Well, we gathered the troops after the ceremony, and at first I started trying to hustle Ali out so I could get a little sleep and get to Croom for my 5 AM hill training, then I thought, hey, you're daughter just made it through 8 years of school without ever getting below an A. She won every award there was to win (save Math and PE) and I'm trying to keep her from saying goodbye to her friends. Anyway, I chilled at that point. I let her take her time. I invited her, Lynne, Ali's mom, Ali's stepdad, and her friends to Chili's after we left the reception. I didn't get home till midnight.

I slept in till 6 and ran Flatwoods, I wish I was always that smart (Maybe I can learn from
Ali, she's the brains of the outfit!) Sometimes life is so generous, you want to burst!


Chase Squires said...

Only a true lunatic would include Flat Andy in a family photo.

Well done! (oh, and hey, I know that girl, except she was much less tall the last time I saw her, in a canyon in northern Wyoming ... Well done, girl!)

The Professor said...

So I'm in Portland, ME (that's Maine, not Me) this morning picking up my packet for the Pineland Farms 50-Miler and the Asst. RD (Asst. "To The" RD) says, "Cool, you're from Florida, do you know Andy Mathews?"

"Andy? Never heard of him."

It's a small world, but it would still take a hell of a long time to paint.

AndyMan said...

Oh, er, a Maine, yeah, I meant to pay that bill! Yeah.... er, czechs in the male?

superdave524 said...

You go, Ali! They mighta had awards at CPA this year. Mighta.

Lynne said...

The day belonged to Alison, and rightfully so.

Andy, are you sure you didn't leave an award or two out ? I lost count.

And graduation was unforgettable. Great pictures.

Way to go Ali !!!

Arlene said...

How time flies! Congratulations to the Ali-girl for 9 years of hard work! She put the right words on those bracelets of hers.

And believe it or not, congratulations to you and Ali's mom. The best of both of your X chromosomes got together and look what happened!

Good luck at TC Ali-girl!