Sunday, May 25, 2008

Training Day, The Run

Hey, you ever see that movie Training Day?

Awesome movie, ultrarunning buddy Chris Wedge turned me on to it. Denzel, Scott Glen, among others star in this "Urban Crime Drama." Well, hello Mr. Fancy Pants, it's got it's own genre! Wedge uses the powerful Denzel to rookie narc cop "What are gonna be? You gonna be a Wolf or you gonna be a Sheep?" lecture, to get him going when he's feeling a little wimpy. Well, Chris Wedge represented for Florida at Western States in 07 (25:03 thank you!), so he's no Sheep!

there was a scene in today's Clermont run that reminded me of this ditty from Training Day:
What in the heck does this have to do with running ultra's? Oh, let me share!

As the lovely Tracy Cook and I were running "The Loop" (it's a 10 mile clay and dirt road with some boss hills, we need to make this a bi-weekly part of our training!) I see this little critter crossing the road.

Tracy and I finish our 10 mile loop. We get our bottle refilled, and I down a coffee cooler and BAM! we're back at it. We go back by, and I see my little friend has made it about 1/2 way across the road in only 1:36 minutes. No, not down the road, across, regular width road. Milli (or Mr. Pede), he aint real fast, but I'm sure he's made it across by now. What's the point?

You figure that out, and you've solved the mystery of ultrarunning!


The Professor said...

Yeah...there's nothin' better than reading about your girlfriend on some other guy's blog (I was referring to Tracy, not the giant worm).

Lynne said...

Ahah !

We don't hear from the Prof for weeks, and now he is back ! :)

And now I'll bet you will be back home very soon.

AMan was running all day and night . . . I couldn't reach him.

superdave524 said...

"the giant worm"? Didn't AndyMan do that post a coupla months ago?

AndyMan said...

Ok, the point wasn't that we took a few liberties with our female guests, we did ;)

The point was Relentles Forward Progress! When I was pacing Alisa (somebody else's girlfriend) in Key West when she would have to walk, I'd say, "Don't worry, Key West isn't going anywhere. As long as you keep moving forward we'll get there."

And we did, and she won the race. For all I know, that black Millipede was in the great Milli-Mile race and he was beating the feet off of those other pedes!

superdave524 said...

Love the Animal House reference.

AndyMan said...

Oh yeah, yeah, that's right it was an animal house reference, yeah, it didn't actually happen, oh, no!