Friday, May 23, 2008

Song of the Week #34, Live it Now!

This song has only got to do with everything. I reckon I can henceforth use it as my answer to "Why do you run those crazy races?"

Well here's why

Good enough for you?

Is it really good enough for you? As Tyler Derdin said in Fight Club, "On a long enough time line our survival rate is zero!" Well I don't know about that, but of the 77 or so Billion people that have ever lived on this earth, all but 6.6 Billion of them have died at some time or another, and Ted Kennedy aint lookin' so good!

What's it mean? Live a darm good life! Don't hurt people, don't screw people over. Do some fun stuff. Let people love whomever they choose. Be happy for anyone that isn't hurting someone else and is happy.

Live like you're gonna die (do the Grand Slam, run a marathon, go to Europe, eat a double steakburger, have some of Star's cheesecake) because you're gonna!


The Professor said...

Wait!!!! Star makes cheesecake. That almost makes me want to come back to Florida early (like I said, "almost").

Lynne said...
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AndyMan said...

No one's having any Cheesecake until September! Like the song say, "Live like you're gonna die.. in mid-September!"

Lynne said...

Star has no time for making cheesecake, as she is busy making flat cookies.

Andy, does cheesecake-flavored ice cream count ? I may have some later today.

AndyMan said...

Ok, after today, no more cheesecake flavored ice cream until September!

Arlene said...

I can't bake cheesecake or cookies, but I made a dern good spaghetti sauce and baked beans last weekend? There is still some left.

Great advice...I am going to live like I am going to die! But if it's ok with you, I'll run two HALF-marathons instead of one full.

Chase Squires said...

Sounds silly, I know.

Inspiration to kick everything and move across the country to a state we'd barely visited came from a Jensen Bell song called "happening/parting" ...

fateful lyric: "Set fire to everything that keeps your life from happening."

Good enough for me, fire up the truck, let's git.

superdave524 said...

I shut down my private practice after I turn 47, because I hated the business of law, hated property and divorce cases (which became a lot of what paid the bills), and I figured whether I lived six months or thirty years more, I wanted to work at a job I liked. I went to work at the public defender's office because its pretty much the only job I've ever liked. Still don't have any money, but it's actually one of my best decisions. Rock on, AndyMan. Teach, run, and brag on that wonderful daughter of yours!

superdave524 said...

And, Chase, I listened to Jensen Bell. Good tune. Good sound. Good sentiment. And now you got public transportation!