Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The R.E: A Regal Elephant?

What do I know from R.E's? Is it a Regal Elephant? (more than 12000 Google elephants on that phrase.)

Is it a Rich Emigrant? (which got me to an article, I sh#t you not, about the 29th annual Western States run. And this here is a picture of some dudes going up Emigrant Pass.)

Is it a Rancid Eclair? (which only yielded 29 images, and none with quotes, but I did get these "Rocket ship" eclairs with that phrase!)

No, the RE is none of that! It's a Running Equivalent.

Like this or This

Oh, and aren't they fun?

I guess I was a little slow with the term, because, well I like to run. My 1 hour pool run last night was fun, but it aint running (course it aint limping either!) As you know, Star and the Good Doctor have me on a whining moratorium, I have to find pain free modes to get ready for the slam.

Well, they only said I couldn't whine about my foot, so here goes....... IIIIIII Haaaate to go in tooo the poooooL! And the Gym, let's not even talk about the gym! Those muscle heads and the girls with their hair teased up to the moon, and did that retartdamundodumbassassface even think of wiping down the machine, ewwwww!


superdave524 said...

Tried to get you a Hanz and Franz "Pump you up" video. Evidently the SNL guardians are on patrol, cause I got bupkas.

Star said...

How do you know you ran eight miles...in a pool?

Awww, come on about the gym. I love watching gym rats. It beats watching "Friends," which is what the guys in our clubhouse gym watch while they "work out." Its a fascinating population, really.

(Oh and btw: I realize that you've projected your foot whining onto something trivial. I can help you overcome that for a small fee)

AndyMan said...

Actually, I ran 0 miles, I started in the deep end, and I finished in the deep end. I strictly guessed on time (given that I run a 6 minute mile!)

And isn't really the gym I mind, it's the loser that go there (ouch!)

AndyMan said...

Oh, and no R.E's from you tue? How about Randy Elders (horny old folks or, someone Super D and I went to church with back in TnC)

superdave524 said...

Real Estate?

Just me said...

Eight miles in an hour in the pool!?!?! HA! I suggest you count your laps next time.

And, you can whine about your foot - as long as you are doing something else about it (e.g. something helpful) than just whining.

...I thought not.

AndyMan said...

Hey, I know eight miles. You go run as much on healthy legs as I have on crippled pegs then we can debate mileage, in the mean time if I say 8 I MEAN 8 (ish).

AndyMan said...

Nice try, er, NOT:

Rubbish Effort?
Rubber Egg?
Rotary Engine?
Red Eye?
Riled Eisnehower?
Rosted Elbow (it's good with mint jelly)
Real Earnings

Ruddy Elle, but you guys suck!