Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stan The Man

Ran 25 yeastirday. Didn't run today, was going to run in the pool but I'm going to do that tomorrow instead.

One exciting thing was received my Leadville booklet today, looks hard, looks high on the mountain top.

Also, exciting was I got Flatest Stanley. Gonna take him around the Sunshine State and then shoot him back to California from whence he came. That'll be fun.
Here's some of the fun stuff Stan's done already, send me your ideas for more!


superdave524 said...

Gator's mouth still better'n Bush's hands... You know, a hand in the... wait, that doesn't work...

Lynne said...

Andy, where did you get *Flatest Stanley* ?

Chase Squires said...

Jeebus Crist! Get away from that dangerous animal, Stanley!! Stick with the alligator!

AndyMan said...

Oh, that's funny!
Michelle Barton's daughter, Sierra, sent Stanley Florida ways. I could take him to Bo's. And to, hmmm, you tell me.

But I'll keep him out of the bushes (Jeb and the gang)

Star said...

I thought you had your "pool running" beer plan all lined up...?

I guess you could take Stanley swimming, I mean, pool running, with you. Do you think he can swim? If not, then maybe he can hang out on your beer camelback while you, ah-hem, run.

You could also take him to the DMV for a Florida driving test...I bet he'd pass.

AndyMan said...

Star, Stanley, I fear isn't much of a swimmer. I am going to take him to the Keys this weekend to go to the Southernmost point in the US of America.

As for Beer, i've got Stanley on plan, only on the weekend, I don't want him to lose his L and become F at Stan ey!