Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To The Letter; Volume A

Hey, Hey, Got me a letter for Memorial Day.
Hey, Hey, Got me the Letter A
Run 35 Miles,
They Come In Piles
And really that's all that I have to say!

Ok, it isn't all I have say, but it's most of it.
Now I've got In The Gra and since under by-law A-1 I can only get the letters for SLAM in the races themselves, I am only missing ND. Star may notice that those are the initials for Notre Dame, No Dice Star, it's for Not Done! I won't be done till Delta Burke sings following Wasatch!

However, the ND and shouldn't be too hard to come by. I'm certain to have a good 30 mile run in Colorado (or a tough one that I complete) that'll be a letter. Then it'll be a D and I'm thinking a night run to pick that one up. A night run around June 6, 7, or 8. See, I'm flexible so I go when I can get some company. Be well!


Star said...

I'm surprised you didn't tell me how much cooler than Notre Dame you are, especially after their pathetic seaons last year that we're not going to talk about.

I'd also like to know more about this Clermont 10-mile loop...?

AndyMan said...

Hey, aint nobody or nothing cooler than Notre Dame. Don't care what kind of seasons they have.

Now, as for Clermont, it's a great place either in the Winter, at night, or if you need heat training, because there is no shade. There are hills, excellent running surface and very little chance of getting lost.

We'll do it soon. Close to the Same distance from here as Croom.

superdave524 said...

Don't forget North Dakota.

AndyMan said...

Oh yeah, North Dakota. No duh!

Star said...

Yeah, I've raced the HIM twice at Clermont...but where are you talking? Are you running the interstate? (that WOULD be hot!) Are you running the neighborhoods? Are you doing hill-repeats on Sugarloaf...?

Lynne said...


I'm sure Tracy will be up for keeping you company on your night run, unless Adam surprises everyone and comes home early ! :)

Just me said...


You've got a GREAT training idea. We bike from the lake to Sugarloaf, and then do hill repeats (that would be running) on Sugarloaf before heading back (now we're back on our bikes) to the lake. Come on - it'll be fun!

Star said...

Just Me: it may be JUST YOU doing that crazy scheme! How many miles of biking would that be?

I'll do it if we can stash our wheels in Julie's RV at Sugarloaf so my fancy tri bike doesn't get ripped off by some Clermont Bubba...