Monday, May 19, 2008

Wow, You Ought to Try That!

Ok, so, I'm back. JaMissMe?

Gawd, but that was a tiring experience! Lemme just say this.... "Ultarunners are Whacked Out!" I read that somewhere once, now I've seen it!

OUT! (out of their minds, only understanding toenails)
That's what ultrarunners are!!!!

I seen it! I seen it first-freaking-hand, as excellent race helper David Redero and I crewed for the tall, striking, impressive goddess to be named in the next paragraph. David is a former US Marine and aspiring ultra-runner. More than anything, he's a good dude and an organizer of mini-van's extraordinaire.

Anybody know Alisa Springman? Off course you do. The teacher. Yeah, Alisa Springman the teacher from Pennsylvania. Yeah, the one that won the Florida Keys 100.

The race I talked about, starts in Key Largo at US 1 Mile Marker 101 and runs down US 1 (Southwest, I can't stress that enough, Southwest) for 97 miles, then it makes a left and goes 3 miles and BAM! You're there.

Anyone ever drive that stretch? Yeah, running it is worse. All on pavement. All in the heat. But you know what? Crewing for it is a blast, well, if your runner wins it is. I'm not talking beat all the other chicks winning.... I'm talking beating everybody in America winning!!! She was great, it was an honor to crew for her, and she's insane! Hey, Alisa you just won the Florida Keys 100, what are you gonna do now? "Er, well, it's 5 AM there are no hotels available, I reckon I'll ride back to Key Largo."

What, no shower after 23 hours and 100 miles?

Hey, I can stand the smell of Andy if David can! He could, we did, we drove back not just to Key Largo but to Fort Lauderdale before the heaven sent shower and the precious nap.

Alisa, you're the best! Love ya! You're Crazy!!!!!

ps, Will add pictures tomorrow, but I haven't had time to do nuttin' since my return, and I'm gonna relax with a brewski (minus the brewski) and watch a movie (minus the movie) while the laundry does itself (minus the does itself.)


Chase Squires said...

And did you see, of all the starters, only 8 finished. Hell, your runner nearly beat the winning relay team!

Nicely done, if she has a blog, link us to it.

The Professor said...

There's nuthin' creepier than 2 guys driving in a minivan and following a lady down the road for 100 miles. The only thing creepier would be if you had candy and ether (NOT Candi and ether though).

AndyMan said...

Hell prof, this chick was too cool for candy, it was Wartsteiner Beer for her. She tells us (and I believe her) that she had 4 beers the night before the race.

So, it was beer and well, more beer that kept her going!

superdave524 said...

Andy, did you say that there were two of you crewing for one fast woman? Well, then I got your video, right here:

AndyMan said...

Er, yeah, two-live crew, but it aint like that. No one was too 'orny on that trip. The stink and chaffing pretty much takes care of that!

Star said...

Yeah, seriously, its no wonder she won...with you two guys following her the whole way. I'd run like a bat outta hell too! Did you by any chance wear a Jason mask during the night?

AndyMan said...

Alisa, help, they think I'm a masher, and only you know that! Help

runsforbeer said...

Andy and David were, in fact, complete gentlemen the entire time. I, on the other hand, swore like a sailor, scratched myself in inappropriate places and likely exposed myself to the better part of the 100,000 vehicles that passed by during the race. Add in the way I chugged fluids, chowed down and burped readily and you can imagine that I was as far from feminine as I am likely to get.

Those two were like proud papas watching their daughter chick everyone in the race. i couldn't have had a more enthusiastic, organized or supportive crew.

AndyMan said...

Vindicated! (Course how vindicated can you be with someone going by the handle "Runs for Beer?")

See yall, I'm not always a masher!