Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get Fired Up!

Every once in a while it's good to get fired up when you run.

Used to date a lady a long time ago, one of us was always mad at the other, we had a lot of fast runs back then! Could have been that we were younger, I think it was the conversation.

Memories of that came flooding back last night as I ran with two acquaintances. We were just chugging along, nothing special. Then we did something one should rarely do in a social setting, we talked politics. Yoikes! Bad idea (well good if you are looking for speed work.)

Anyway, turns out Rush, Sean, Drudge, Snitch (er Schnit, Schmidtz, whatever his name is) their bullshmitz rhetoric is still working on large quantities of the uninformed (Gee I didn't know that O'bama was a Muslim Terrorist, oh, really and who told you that?) (Oh, the anti-christ, wow, how does he feel about separation of anti-church and state?)

Like I said, politics, ugg! I should know better! But I did run those last two miles in about 14 minutes and I left before the brews were cracked, so there was no temptation there. Next week I'm running with the "Young Christian Skin Heads For War but Against Interracial or Same Sex Anything" I hope to get my mile time down under 6 minutes again!


Roger said...

My plan for speedwork is does not involve talking politics. Last night I got home from work late. Wednesday night I like to run 15 miles in about 2 hours. I started my treadmill run promptly at 6pm expecting to be done, showered and ready for dinner at 8:15. My lovely wife had other plans. She informed me that dinner would be at 7:45 no exceptions. Hey I know whats good for me! I still wanted the 15 miles so I did some quick calculations, set the damn machine at 9.0 MPH and there it is, instant speedwork! 1 hour and 40 minutes later I was done with 5 minutes to spare for a shower. Divorce avoidance successful.

superdave524 said...

That's scary stuff Roger. Fear, anger, whatever gets the adreneline going.

Yeah, Ange, Gina always told us never to discuss sex, politics or religion in public. Fast runners? Maybe. Slow learners? Definitely.

AndyMan said...

Er, I'd have to be talking about W or Tricky Dick Cheney to run that fast! (er, and it'd have to be downwind) (er, er, and it'd have to be downhill)

The Professor said...

So that's why the long-run conversation is always about poop and obscure 80's movie trivia, oh, and poop.

runsforbeer said...

Well, heck. If you moved out to this part of Pennsylvania and talked politics everyday, you might be fast enough to win Boston. That's not to say the locals aren't open minded, just that their minds are only open to the transmissions of Fox News.

Arlene said...

If you keep talking politics while you run, you just might lose all that weight that you want to.

You'll never find this on the Jenny Craig plan!

AndyMan said...

Oh aint it so, aint it so! I'm telling you, I was moving last night, 14 minutes for two miles isn't that fast, unless it's at the end of an eight mile run, which this was. And of course the biggest weight benefit, I was too tourqed to drink beer with them afterward, that's about 500 calories I didn't have!

From now on, it's movie trivia and that other thing the prof mentioned, that's it!

(unless they start it again, you mess with the bull you get the horns, or in my case, more bull :)