Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stanley's Big Adventure

I promised pictures. Oh, sure, there's my crew partner David and Alisa,who won the race, she's cool. But let's not forget about the real warrior, Flat Stanley, he was in peril more times than Bill Clinton upon the early return of a jealous husband (is there another kind?)

Here's Stanley getting ready to lead us on our adventure.

And it starts badly, he's down!

Somehow he makes it to the checkpoint at 25 (Flat Stanley, and not so Flat Andy).

Gotta fatten Stanley up, eat Stanley eat!

Stanley, Eat, don't get eaten! Yikes, he's a Grouper's sandwich!

Maybe you can see better from up high...

Don't fall in to the water!

No, That's a Man-O-War, get out of there!

Yeah, get out of there, but don't go in there! No, watch out for the Lobster Trap...
And now are Stanley and Elivis just alike, They are caught in a trap!
Stanley, Manatees are friendly, swim to the sea cow. that's better.
Hey, there's a boat, get on that, but wait..........

Oh, NO!! It's the ill-fated African Queen! Jeez, Maybe it's time to go back to California, nothing bad can happen there!


Star said...

You didn't even stop by Sloppy Joe's with Stanley? Or have him body-painted for Fanatasy Fest? What's up with dat?

Lynne said...

Of course the husband is jealous with a couple of hunks like you two hanging around his wife !

AndyMan said...

Hey, I wuddn't hanging around nobody's (er, nobody else's)wife, that was only Bill!

As for FS at SJ's, I know, we were gonna go, but then we couldn't get a hotel room, and we (I) stunk so good that we hadda go somewhere an shower, so turns out Lauderdale was the first place that would take us (me.)

Lynne said...

Ah, right . . glad y'all showered . . . hope it was eventful.

superdave524 said...

Probably not. What kind of trouble could two guys and a gal get into showering?

AndyMan said...

Whoa now, yall are b-a-d bad.