Friday, May 16, 2008

Song of the Week 33: Gimme Your Money Sucka!

Ok, don't play this you tube if you are A- Under 18. B- Have a better than low opinion of me (guys, go ahead, it's darn funny) C- Are offended by, sexual content, sexism, er, anything.
Well, it's offensive (funny) but it's appropriate for the topic. Chase and AndyMan announce the Tampa to Denver Road Race! The country's longest ultra, and the best per mile deal going! You come to Tampa you give me $500 and I will give you a Popsicle stick and the I point you (and this is important) northwest then you run until you get to Denver where you give Chase another $500 and he gives you a T-Shirt (sorry finishers only on the Tees!) Along the way I will monitor your progress (provided you call me.) We are also allowing each participant to use a crew (since people will use varied routes, we can't supply aid of any kind!) You may use hotels or camp if you must sleep; however, if you leave the country (that's the course the country) then you must place your Popsicle stick in the ground and re-enter the course where you left it.

That about covers it (oh, and no I-Pods allowed! If you bring one I will have to confiscate it at the starting line, if you have one at the finish, Chase will confiscate it!)

Why do I choose today to tell you about The TamVer 2007 (That's the mileage, not the year, that's why we didn't have the race last year, didn't want to confuse anyone with the year vs mileage thing)? Because after I get sick about an hour before school actually ends today, I am heading to Key Largo to crew for the Florida Keys 100. It starts in Key Largo and ends in Key West. It's entirely on public roads that will remain open. There is no traffic control. There is no aid. And it costs like $300. For and extra $30, you can get a shirt. Ok, er, thanks.

See, that's why you should run the TamVer. Per mile a much better value, and the shirt is included in the low (per mile) price! Plus, if you don't finish, you don't have to pay 1/2 the fee. Come run. More details to follow...

Oh, and as I'll be in a slow moving vehicle (4 miles and hour baby!) all weekend, I'll be off of the computer until Sunday night/Monaday morning. So have a great weekend baby, I'm crewing, woooooowho! And it's a blast!


Star said...

I recall asking if the FUR's wanted to go down to teh Keys 100, and everyone nixed it. Hmmm... Maybe you can serve up some margaritas to the runners. How many people signed up?

As for the TamVer...Julie wants to run from on Florida coast to another. Maybe you two share the same brain.

AndyMan said...

Star, if we do share the same brain, when do I get to use it? Darn that Julie!

I have no idea how many people will pay $300 to run on the road by they sleves. I'll let you know.

As for Mararitas, I have something else in mind, the Tuna Colada. Mixing two favorites of the Keys, two great tastes that go great together!

superdave524 said...

Color me a new ODB fan. Tuna Coladas. Yum. Make mine a Gorton's.

Chase Squires said...

Star, if you're going to run from one florida coast to the other, I'd recommend you do it in the keys, it's only a few miles across most of those islands, you could do it in under an hour.

AMan, have, err, fun. At 4 miles per hour, you'll be going fast than traffic has moved on many a trip down the keys.

The rest of ya, send Andy a check and get running. Call if you need directions to my place! (hint: NorthWest ... can't stress that enough)

Lynne said...

You will be traveling 4 miles an hour faster than I was in the Keys, after my car broke down.

Never even had time for a drink at Sloppy Joe's.

AndyMan said...

I'm gonna be a little disappointed if I'm not moving faster than somebody. Hey, maybe I should bag working the race and crew it. I wasn't limping that badly last night, was I Lynne?

Star said...

WAIT! You're RUNNING that thing? I thought you were just going down to help. What's up with 'dat?? Had I known, I would have flown down and served you tuna-ritas.

Lan said...

I just want to know are you still pimping bracelets???

Lynne said...

You were limping some.

But since you ran 25 today, and you said you are not in any pain, you are probably not limping now.

In fact I know you're not, you are driving back from the Keys ! :)