Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here I Am, The Big Sucker!

Like I said, Andy Mathews is a big time sucker! See.....

Why am I a sucker? Shoot, I don't know, I just am, but here's the latest evidence. I am the new head track coach at Tampa Catholic High School. I didn't want to do it. Jeez, I don't mind being an assistant, that's actually kind of fun, but paper work, arranging transportation, scheduling meets, that stuff blows chunks.

But, I am a tough negotiator! I told them I wanted $9,000 as a supplement (as I got 500 for Cross Country I was not hopeful.)

TC countered with ..... No, we'll get someone else.

I then went down to $8800, they said, no we'll get someone else.

Well the joke was on them, the other guy wouldn't do it, so they came back to me.

I reiterated my demand, 9K!

No Way!

Er, Ok, what will you give me?


Well try to get me more, and I'll call an organizational meeting for next week.

Andy Mathews is a big time sucker (but at least we have a brand new synthetic track!)


Dr. Maguse said...

HA!!!! I get 2,000 for Yearbook. Wait a minute...I spend at least 4 hours a day on this holy book. I should get paid by the hour.
So...pooh on you! I'm the big time sucker!!!!!!!!!

Chase Squires said...

Yay, congrats for you, that's awesome, think of it as something to put on your resume when you go for that really big Cross Country job!

Hey, think of the Karma you're building up. I may have to borrow some from you at the big reckoning in the sky .... you'll let me have it at a half point below prime, right, ol pal?

Went on a 3 hour "urban run" yesterday, then hit the slopes for skiing today .. it counts as exercise when you have to dig yourself out of as much powder as I do ... As a skier, lets just say I'm "enthusiastic."

Now, tell all those new charges of yours, drop and give you 20.

superdave524 said...

I remember AndyMan asking Sister Lydia Magdalene (a/k/a Sister Mom)if he could purchase some indulgences from her. I think he's still paying off some karma. Me? I'll give y'all a report on Sadam. For real though, AM, congrats. I am proud of you (I've been saying that a lot lately). It's not all about the Benjamins.

Arlene said...

You got an offer that you COULD refuse, but didn't. That deserves some First Watch potatoes! My treat...I have a gift card that I can buy lots of potatoes with!

See, that reporter at the Trib kept refering to you as the XC HEAD Coach. Now you are the track HEAD coach. Maybe he had something there...Maybe the Trib will name you Coach of the Year? I've never known a Coach of the Year.

OTOH, is this just Track, or Track and Field? If Field is included, you should have held out for the 9K, sucker!

In all honesty, congrats! to you guy. Keep looking at your bracelet.