Friday, January 25, 2008

My Song: #1

For the next buncha Friday's I'll be unveiling my songlist. Yours have been great, though I'm still waiting on some slackers (no names, but you you know who you are, shoot, if you are reading this, simple, you owe me a list of 10 songs, it's the duty, the tax, it's going to make me rich..... with knowledge), but I'll make an observation sometime each week as I'm running and link to a song, and BAM! New song!

Today's song:
Take the Long Way Home, Supertramp. Had tickets to see them at Tampa Stadium in high school. Bastids cancelled the first show, I was in the hospital for the second show getting that dreaded surgery on the big toe (technically, the right great toe.) Geez, mom and I trusted everybody back then, we never but two and ten thousand together and realized this cat was putting his kid through Haavaad. "You know with that lump on your toe, you may not be able to walk later in life." And the lump was back in a couple of years, and I'm running 100 miles and his kid made it through Haavaad.

Why, Take the Long Way Home? Well, that's what I did last night coming home from the first day at track practice. I was tired, I wanted to go home have me a brewski and hit the hay now! But as I was driving home, I was thinking, is my 2-mile loop really two miles? I mean I've been telling Harley that he's been running 2 miles, and I'm decent with the guesses (yeah I know, walk-run-jog and mapmyrun and USATF all have sites that will measure the distance for you) but I figured I owed it to Harley to know. Turns out that yep, it's just a tick (like .05 miles) over 2 miles. That made me feel good. Oh, don't worry, I then went home, had a calzone and a glass of Merlot (I know, what a wuss) and was in bed by 8 PM (and an old wuss!)

Take the long way Home, Part II. This morning, since I'd been asleep since 8 PM, I popped up at 3:45 and thought, hey, a run. Harley and I went for 1 mile, he didn't like the wind, then I went back out for 5 more. On my loop, I realized that I had inadvertently turned early so I merely turned around, went back to my mistake, and threw in some extra mileage. Hey, I'm not the New England unPatriots, there are no short cuts to Grand Slam Success. If I don't put in the miles, or really that plus some, I will fail. Only one "Logical Song:"


Dr. Maguse said...

a cd containing 20 motivational/running songs will be in your mailbox this morning.

AndyMan said...

Wow, that and the melting pot in 24Hours, you are a busy lady!

Dr. Maguse said...

well the melting pot was last friday. i'm lazy when it comes to uploading photos

superdave524 said...

But Mags, we all want to see your choices. Me and Star shared our lists. Howboutcha?

Dr. Maguse said...

okay...some from memory...and probably not in order
1. "I Ran" (Flock of Seagulls)
2. "Born to Run" (The "Boss")
3. "I'm Still Standing" (Elton John)
4. "Can't Run But" (Paul Simon)
5. "Pump it Up" (E. Costello)
6. "I Bleed" (The Pixes)
7. "Standing on Top of the World" (Van Halen)
8. " " (The Beltones) can't remember the name of the song though
9."Attitude" (The Misfits)
10."Run, Run Away" (Great Big Sea)
11. "Closer to Home" (Grand Funk Railroad)
12. "Southern Man" (Neil Young) Don't know why
13. can't remember...i'll check
14. can't remember
15. can't remember
16."When I'm Up" (Great Big Sea...I meant to put "When I'm King"
17."Overdone" (Uncle Tupleo)
18."Pump it" (Black Eyed Peas)
19. "Mr. Brightside" (The Killers)
20. either "Legion '82" or "Run from Reality" (Oxymoron)

Chase Squires said...

Yo, Dr. M, you got a Van Halen song in there, but no "Runnin' With the Devil?" ...

Andyman, CD of all Denver bands is in the mail, everything from pulse-pounding, zombie-fighting action to the chillin' harmonies of Paper Bird ...

I didn't include a list of the bands, so just listen and enjoy.


Dr. Maguse said...

i know...i know...thought the other one was more motivational

superdave524 said...

Now, was that so hard? Thanks.

AndyMan said...

And I listed to Mags to Riches on the way to Croom (freezing! 42 degrees! How do people do it?) this morning. I dug it, dug it a bunch. Attitude, F'ing Attitude, it had it!

lrepinski said...

So, I came up with a couple of songs for ya AndyMan. Moody Blues: Your Wildest Dream and I'm just a singer in a rocknroll band. Lee Ann Womack: I hope you dance. Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA, Dancing in the dark, and Glory Days. That's it for now... Lan

Lynne said...

Lan, you forgot Rosalita . . my Springsteen favorite!

AndyMan said...

All is well, I've Rosalita. Thanks for chiming in Lan. Lan rocks, she's doing a marathon, that's 26.2, a LONG way, in all of this country's great states, and in Texas too!