Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vermont is Off and I'm On!

Well, today, January 22, and I have sent in my final Grand Slam application. If it wasn't official already, I'm in the slammer fo' sho' now. Now, I just have to decide, do I give the GS Award people my 80 quid? If I don't hit the lottery at Wasatch I have no choice, they get my buckaroos. If I do get in Wasatch through the front door then I can go stealth if I like. Regardless, I'll probably send in my cash in over there to them guys what are taking people's money even though 2 out of three ofthemdon'tgetsqauat.

As for Vermont, well, they added a 100K. I hope that means some of my Florida folks can commit to it (Candi, Julie, Andrea, Dan, Jon, Beckz, Woody), I mean if on race day you don't feel like doing the American Hunert Miles, you can switch to the metric 100K jobby and still get in a great run in a beautiful locale! One drawback, due to the popularity of the 100K, the race is filling up fast. So, you probably only have till 3/1 to make up your mind. Traditionally the race does not fill up at all, but the 100K is..... well, 38 miles shorter, hence more popular.

I'm in, Wedge is in, Tracy and Adam are in. Yall come, it'll be a Par-Tay!


superdave524 said...

Damn! Now you tell me there's a 100K; I'd already sent my regrets!

Anonymous said...

Your so gay. Powder blue went out with gold crosses and Italian horns.

AndyMan said...

Actually it should read "You're" not "Your so gay." See what we gots hear is a contraception. But hey, thanks for thinking of me.

And as for the powder blue leisure suite, paid an arm and a leg for the thing might as well use it!