Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Since Ultras Aren't Expensive Enough...

Since Ultras aren't expensive enough; I give you the Grand Slam.... Award.

Great little scam this dude has cooked up the fine folks at Wasatch. Ok, to be guaranteed acceptance into Wasatch (if you don't get in the the Feb. 2 Lottery), you have to sign up for the Slam and finish the first three races of the Slam. June 28, Western States (60% finish rate), July 19, Vermont (70% finish rate), August 16, Leadville (40% finish rate), September 6, Wasatch (65% finish rate). Finish Rate for the Slam- 30%

From the Wasatch Front 100 Webstie:

If you indicated on your application you are planning on running the grand slam, and your name is not drawn during our runner selection process in February, the race committee will hold your application and entry fee.

You will be allowed to run the 2008 Wasatch 100 if you satisfy the following requirements:
1) Grand Slam hopefuls must apply for the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run in a timely manner as do all other entrants. Applications not postmarked during the specified application period will be returned to sender.
2) You must also apply to the Grand Slam through Steve Baugh in a timely manner.
3) You must successfully complete the first three races in the grand slam.
4) Your completed trail work form for the Wasatch 100 must be postmarked no later than the August 18th deadline.

If you do not satisfy all of these conditions your application will be denied and your entry fee will be returned to you.

From the Grand Slam Award Website:

In order to be eligible for the award and official recognition, registration must be received by June 25, 2008. Registration fee is $80 (which covers finishers awards). Refunds prior to June 25th will be subject to a $10 processing fee. No refunds after June 25th. Send signed registration form and fee to:
Grand Slam of Ultrarunning
796 South 980 East
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062-9531

Ok, so here's the rub: I am happy with Wasatch, it's cool to allow someone to pursue a special dream, and hey, if you don't finish any one of the three races if you got in via the slam, you get your dough back. But these GS Award people are making a killing! To guarantee to get in to Wasatch you have to sign up, that's $80. And you have to sign up before the 1st race of the Slam. Western States isn't until June 28th, yeah they need your money by.... June 25. And guess what, no refunds after.... June 25! Can you wait to see if we at least finish the first race? No! You pay now, and there's a 66.67% chance you just paid for NOTHING!

Steve Baugh and the Grand Slam Awards People take a page out of Meatloaf's songbook.

Two Out of Three (pure profit baby!) Aint Bad!

Thanks a lot Grand Slam Award People, Drop and give me 20! Losers!! (I hope it's a nice eagle though)


Chase Squires said...

That's an amazing ripoff ... did you send a nice letter to the RD at Wasatch and ask him why they feel it necessary to let someone charge an additional $80? Or is that "someone" connected to Wasatch?

superdave524 said...

It's all about the Benjamins, Baby!

AndyMan said...

Hey, I should send them a McLovin' 80-spot,or I could give them 2-30s & 7-3's and say, keep the change. That would for the darn Eagle!

Run100s said...

I'm sorry that you don't like the way the Grand Slam is set up. The $80 covers the trophy and shirt and other costs. The Grand Slam differs from the Eastern Slam (and others) in that you need to sign up in advance of the first event (WS100) and your progress is tracked and published. Some people run all four of the 100s and call themselves "Stealth Slammers" if they don't want to pay the $80.

The "restricted entry provision" of Wasatch isn't designed for people that want to run Wasatch and are willing to pay an extra $80; it's for people that want to attempt the Grand Slam and may not otherwise get picked in the Wasatch entry process. Why pay $600+ in entry fees for the other three events and then be unable to attempt the Grand Slam?

With entry fees, travel costs, etc. most runners spend over $5000 attempting the Grand Slam, so $80 to get a special trophy is usually not a big deal.

(yes, I paid $80 for mine)

AndyMan said...

Ok, I don't know if this message is for real, but saying because someone is spending 5 Grand so, $80more is nothing; well it's like looking at a dude with a big puddle of blood on the ground and saying, might as well take some from this cat, he's got it to spare. I'm poor and every freaking dime I spend is important!

Anyway, like I said, I'm happy with Wasatch for making that exception, but the Slam ABSOLUTELY should refund at least right after Western and Vermont. Hey just say, it's capialism bubaloo, like it, love it, or leave it, your choice. Hey, I'm signing up, but for 80 clams I have the right to gripe, knowhatimean?


AndyMan said...

Ok, Dave or Chase, Very funny, very freakin' funny! Now Drop and give me 80!

superdave524 said...


Chase Squires said...

Prolly Stan Jensen from Run100s ...