Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NCAA; Les than the Best

Here he is .........

The Man with the worst name in ULTRARUNNING, LES MILES!

More happy for Les, he's not an ultrarunner, rather he is the head coach of the, cough, cough, "National Champion" LSU Bengal Tigers. Yeah, they only lost two games, but still national champions. Did they win in the playoffs, well no. See, the NCAA, they really just guess who should play, and then they play. There is talk of a lottery to determine who plays for next year's national championship. Hey, but none of that is Les' fault; more fault to the NCAA, losers that they are.

Hey NCAA, drop and give me 20, losers!

Speaking of losers, I guess "Revenge Against the Tree" Andy OSU'd Big-Time (had the early lead and folded like a cheap lawn chair) against "Arkansas" Andy (Shoe covers and all Arlene). So, we don't have to see Prego-Andy no mo'. I'll miss him, but not that much.


superdave524 said...

LSU beats OSU. Auburn beats Clemson. KY beats FSU. GA beats Hawaii. I'm a 'Nole fan, but other than the (wonderful) little mis-step b/w FLA/Michigan, hard to argue against proposition that SEC is toughest, badest mo-fos on the block.

AndyMan said...

Whatever, SEC, ACC, WTF? All I'm saying is that the NCAA (National Communists against Athletes, who wore that headband?) is a bunch of pipearmpencilneckgeekseurotards! But the name Les Miles is cool, cause it's like the anti-slam.

Chase Squires said...

At least The Citadel has the cojones to play in a division that has a real playoff system ... no, not that El Cid has been a part of that system since, ahem, 1992, still ... we could.

AndyMan said...

Citidel, Go Bulldogs! Love the dogs, Charleston's finest, brightest and of course Chase.

Arlene said...

I already made my appt with the eye doc. Obviously need something for seeing close up.

Not the first time that I am a loser and won't be the last!

Go Lightning?