Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Knew? I DID!

I'm getting folks from far (California) and Near (Tampa, FLA) asking, "So, AndyMan (seems that's what they call me) how do you know so much about the grand slam? I mean Stan Jensen, who makes 80 bucks off of your sorry self, he only lists 6 slammers, yet you, who doesn't make D-I-C-Squat off of it, claim that there are some 38 slammers, included the world famous Dean Karnases."

Well, I am glad you asked, see, I'm sort of into this thing. I'm sort of making it my job to be up on this. Er, also, on the Wasatch website there is a list. We haven't all paid Stan and Steve our cabbage yet (don't worry S & S, my check is on the way, gotta have the Sandhill Crane, or whatever it is, statue) but Wasatch knows who we are. Hey, check us out:

And check out a few pictures I added to yesterday's post. I have more, but these will do for now.

And S & S, here's my GS award payment:


Chase Squires said...

Mmmm, McLovin!

Dr. Maguse said...

mmmmm, Denny's Grand Slam!!!