Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thanks Star, I did IT!

Ok, my New Year's Non-Resolutions are starting out well.

1- I did run to work the other day; then I had to hike home because teacher's editions of textbooks (that's right, I don't know anything, except how to look them answers up!) are unlike my brother, they ARE HEAVY!

2- I actually went to the gym yesterday, and I liked it! Well, it didn't totally suck anyway. Here was my workout:
5 x 15 Crunches and 1 x 25 crunches (I think that a hunert, but I teach history)
6 x 15 Back straighten raisey thingies some with pounds, some without
6 x 15 calf raises (90 pounds)
6 x 15 squats ( 155 #)

I think that was it. I didn't do too much watching the aerobics room, it wasn't a very aesthetic class.

I may branch out and throw in some upper body exercise, but we must run before we can.... er, a, well, look good I guess.

So yesterday I went to the gym, but that doesn't mean that I forgot how to run. I had a wonderful little 8+ mile run with Candi and Becky at Morris Bridge. It was cool and crisp and clear, I could have run all day, but the taters were waiting at 1st Watch, so I hadda cut it short.

Tomorrow, back to the gym, and a little run to.


PS, don't forget, play like you're in Iowa, Vote early and often! Scoop in there the second someone leaves their cube and throw in a vote or three for your favorite Andy.


Dr. Maguse said...

well, it's good to know that when i get too drunk, you'll be able to carry me (and my 15 pound purse).

superdave524 said...

Sadly, in AndyMan's case the Nitty-Gritty Dirt band and the Hollies were wrong: Your brother is, in fact, heavy. But I've run three days this week, and did strength work once. Huzzah!

Arlene said...

Did you ever think of putting Har-har's pic out there? I might change my vote.

Would you like some cheese with that whine? I carry my 10 lb purse every day. My gym bag fully loaded weighs 14 lbs. I just carried a 15 lb cat in one carrier and a 10 lb cat in the other into the vet. I can let you practice with them. Those text books will feel like paperback novellas after a good workout with my stuff.

AndyMan said...

Hey, Hey, don't forget, I'm nursing an injury, so I didn't want to try to run with that backpack fully loaded, I figured it may throw off my stide and reinjury me. And I didn't complain, I just hiked.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to write about my run this morn in my post. I'm going to do some editing now.

Dr. Maguse said...

Arlene: I hear ya. I took a 17 lb. cat in one carrier and a 12 lb cat in another to the vet the other day. ...Andyman is not too fond of cats though (especially if you have 3).

AndyMan said...

Hey, hey, I love cats (as long as they are prepared right!) Woo, Woo, no one saw that one coming. He shoots, he scores!

No, on a serious note... had you going there didn't I, man, I'm a hoot at the crack of dawn!

Chase Squires said...

Squats. That's just plain fun to say.

superdave524 said...

AndyMan don't know squats.

AndyMan said...

Hey I did squats last night. Butternut squats, zucinni tonight.

Arlene said...

Dr Maguse: You win on the cats! And they say that we are the "weaker" sex? Daily squats with those "weights" keep us in shape.

The AndyMan don't know squats!

Star said...

You sound surprised. See....stars are lucky....good thing you know one. But please, don't post a pregnant Andy squatting!