Monday, January 28, 2008

It Should be Noted..

That Dr. Frank Sierra did the weekend back-to-back. 21 miles on Saturday at Croom, and then a good 14 at Alafia State Park, where he did the 1/2 Marathon on a tough course, finishing just a couple of minutes behind me. He's getting in Ultra shape.

It's weird how that happens. It still intimidates me to look at going long two days in a row. Yet, I usually feel at least as good, and many times better on the second day of the two. I'll admit that a 1/2 marathon isn't that long in distance to me, (hey, gotta understand where I'm looking to go, yes, it is a long way and anyone doing it is to be proud) but the effort of a 1/2 marathon race is big.

Let me just put it this way, Dr. Frank asked me, "Can you just go out and use this for a training run without racing it?"

My, answer then, "I'll let you know."

My answer now, "Er, a, No."

I started slowly, put myself in the back of the pack. Then I was driving myself batty wondering when I could pass these wuzzy folks who were walking down the slippery (see quotables,) muddy, rooty, downhills. After about 3 miles I had my chance to pass, and I took it, zipping around. Then I didn't necessarily run that fast, but nor did I let up, and ala race mode, I didn't let anyone pass me (though 1 dude did, he was lightening and had started the race late.) So, my time wasn't great, but it was a race effort.

And I know it was a substantial effort for Frank, and I can see that he is getting ready for his 50-mile ultra in March. He'll do well, and I hope I do too. We're working at and that's a fact!


Star said...

Ya know, one of the news channels recently reported that Huckabee is going to run the Boston marathon (because THIS is news!). The lady reporter sat in awe regarding running 26.2 miles. "How or why would you do that?" she exclaims. Huck said he was having trouble finding time to train the long miles. Gosh dern election is getting in the way.

I kinda giggled to myself thinking of the endurance races I've done, and things that people I know have done that would blow a marathon away. But its all in your perspective. Not everyone can be an ultrarunning-grand-slamming-Andyman ;)

Lynne said...

Star, that is only one of MANY reasons that makes him special !

AndyMan said...

There's a few of them folks out there that realize I'm a lot more determined than I am special. I have a moderate amount of talent and whole lot of "Can do." Most of us can do it, but it does mean that you can't quit. You have to remember how bad it felt to fail and understand that you don't want to feel that again.

But what do I know, I'm so special that there are short-busses and olympics for people like me!

superdave524 said...

I was bigger, faster, stronger and quicker than A-Man in high school, but he was a better football player. Why? He gave max effort on every play. He told me once that it never occurred to him not to. AM was also the second best wrestler in his district. Brandon HS, the pinnacle of wrestling in FL, had the first best. Falcon Coach Joe DiGenova said the highest compliment he could pay to a wrestler was that he didn't have a lot of natural talent, but made himself into a good wrestler. I think AndyMan's got plenty of talent, but I know he has an iron will.

Arlene said...

I would like to know where Huckabee ran his BQ? Why would I think that he is getting into Boston because of WHO he is?

You are correctamundo, you are more determined than special. But it's that mucho determination that makes you special. How many of us told you NOT to run while you were injured? But you were DETERMINED to run.

You are also DETERMINED to be a good daddy to the Ali-girl, a good pal to Har-har, a good role model to the youth of Tampa Catholic, and a good embodiment of the love of running that will share it with just about anyone that will accept it.

Don't forget..."Don't Quit" is always on your wrist!

AndyMan said...

Shut-up Arlene, you're making me hot! As for Huckersterabee, I think he qualified at Marines Corp, I think that was him I saw cutting through the parking lot.

We each have our gifts, go out and use them! Unless of course your gift is crime, then hide that sucker deep under a bushell(spelled incorrectly intentionally it's one of them double empenada thingys)

Star said...

I prefer to call you "special!" heehee

Anonymous said...

Special is as special does :-)