Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Aint Sayin' No More on W States

We got Screwed. Some worse than others, but we were all screwed. Some people didn't mind it, others were mad as hell.

Western States stole our money, plain and simple. They were required to use their little committee (same one that doesn't let the Anton in, even though he's the World's best ultra runner, even though they claim to allow runners that add something special to the race in) and call each of us about the conditions. Well, I'm still waiting for my call. Thank goodness I knew people who knew what was going on, I was one of the lucky ones. Several people showed up at packet pick up an had no idea the race was canceled. Yall, gas in CA is 4.74 a gallon, hotels in Squaw are not cheap. They let at least 100 people spend that money to get there. Like my buddy Alan from St. Pete, he found out at the race site, yet he had his contact phone with him.

See, I have Internet at home, the Tahoe Inn outside of Kings Beach, not so much. All of those fancy e-mails were a joy to read when I got BACK to FLA.

Yep that committee of the hole (I think you know which hole) should have each taken 25 names and started calling and had the guts to tell us what was shakin', instead of hiding behind a computer keyboard.

Will I run the race again, I don't know. Probably not, not unless the committee does more than what they currently planning for us. I'm thinking a free entry and an apology, I am not holding my breath.

Hey, Western States, drop and give me $280!


Chase Squires said...

"You'll have nothing and like it!"

AndyMan said...

For next year, can you say "Bandit?"

West bound and down, watch old Bandit run! (Kidding of course!)