Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andy Say, Relax!

How many drop bags?
Where you gonna have 'em?
Where are the big hills?
How fast, how fast, how slow?

Let it go!

Guys, we're all gonna do fine, really I promise. And besides, it's just for a grin, you know a goof. This isn't important.

Ok, I've done it 3.72 times. And I've done fine every time.

The cool thing about it is, you're walking up ('cept Roger and Jon on some of 'em they'll run) or you're running down. There is very little flat, which you should run if you can, it's hard late in the race, but I'm usually bucking to finish, so I run.

Supplies: Shoot, they have 30 aid stations!! Yeah, yeah, bring your Boost, your Starbucks, sure sure, but if you don't have it, they do!! Yes, you'll want flashlights and batteries, but other than that you are set.

Weather? I ran Vermont in the second hottest year, man, the night run we did was worse! We're from Florida, heat is our hills.

Hey, we've all done event harder than Vermont.
Candi, Wyoming double, much harder!
Becky, GEER, plus your AT training.
Roger, Hellgate, shorter, but harder!!
Jon, wiley veteran, no problem
Andy B, well, you'll be fine, I swear you will, I know you will
Andrea, Iron Man, gotta be tougher
Woody, You'll do great, you did the hills you conquered Umstead, you are on a Roll!
June, you could do the hunnert! You are my hero!!!
E- Hey, You specialize in the 100K at Vermont :)
P- See above
Prof, shoot, you've prolly put in 2000 miles in the Northeast this summer
Tracy, hang with Prof and pass him at the end!

Just don't worry. We're gonna have a great time!


superdave524 said...

You guys are all heroes to me.

Star said...

Uhhh, I beg to differ on the 100K being easier than Ironman. The Good Doctor and I have had this conversation. In the IM, you swim (some people just doggie-paddle), then bike for HALF of the race...THEN run. Yeah it hurts, but I felt much worse physically after Umstead (where I couldn't walk straight for a week) than I ever did after IMA or IMG.

But I get your point...WE WILL DO IT! Since I've never been farther on foot than 50 miles, I'm interested to see what happens in the following 12 miles....

Roger said...

Did you say 30 (as in thirty) aid stations? Jeez, we won't even have to carry a water bottle. We can all just jog around without any gear and work on our glorious Florida suntans.

Star, nothing to worry about with the extra 12 miles. Just go from SPF 4 to SPF 8 and you'll be set.

Just me said...

IM training is harder (yes, really), but the IM race is easier...

I'm also not sure I agree that RMDM
(or Wyoming double as you referred to it) was harder. Certainly the "aid stations" didn't make it any easier. ("No really, dude, I've only run 42 miles - I can mix my own gatorade. And, really, these pretzel crumbs will be fine.") BUT, I did have the pleasure of having Chase accompany me for the first marathon. So, if we could just get him to come to Vermont, I'd be breathing easier. :-)

Star said...

My OCD thought for the day: Think about how many nasty, sweaty, snot-covered, poo-laced fingers will be in those food bowls! Ewww.....I WILL be carrying my own food, thank you very much!

Star said...

Oh, and Roger, I don't know about you, but my Florida tan lines cry out HIDE-O-US! I can't wait til July 20th when I can start working on FEWER tan lines.

And, if you say the name Ferris Bueller (or "You'll be Fine!"), you lose a testicle!

Roger said...

Ouch, that would only leave one. Good for bowling, bad for snooker.

Just me said...

Snooker. ??? I can't imagine that has anything to do with the fish...

Lynne said...

I would think the IM race would be easier (than a 100 miler or the 100K.

But what does a non-runner know ?

I do know you and Just Me will do fine, along with everyone.

Andy will finish and Jon hopefully won't get lost.

AndyMan said...

You'd think on the 5th try Jon wouldn't get lost, but he is Jon, and if he gets to drinking during the run....

Great song Super D, you know Just Me is a huge Bowie fan (esp. for one so tiny :-)

As for you Star, please never say the phrase, "Poo laced fingers" again! Man, now I gotta carry my own damn food!

Star said...

A-man I don't want to be accused of never sharing my thoughts...

Lynne said...
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superdave524 said...

Poo-laced fingers! Poo-laced fingers! Hee hee.

Star said...

Hey dude, tie your poo-laces!

Lynne said...

Carry some hand wipes. They don't weigh much :)