Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's Up for some Vermont?

These Ultra buddies, Andy B and Patrick are!
Calm down ladies, sadly they are taken.

She is going too!
I love June! You don't love June, you don't love people (or should I say the theory of people?)

The Good Doctor is, she rocks, she may just win!

Jon's a Vermont Veteran, he'll kill.

Roger, may Win, I'm cheering for him!

Tracy and Adam, together again!
Until Tracy passes him at 99.632. See how she has to stay a step ahead of him (he wants to know what she's doing at all times (except for the Summer that is :)

Me. They're only bring me because I get them a discount at the Skunk Hallow Tavern!

The Woodman and the Beckster.
They've been shunning the FU crowd as they do their "Secret Training."

My buddy Michelle. I predict a top 10, OVERALL finish from her.
Pictured here with the lovely Catra (on the left) at Western States Camp.

Star, sorry, pictures don't do her justice.

E and P :-) These are the original LunaChicks. They Rock hard!

We're having a blast! Where we going next?


Anonymous said...

Boy, are all you ultra runners in such good shape? If so, I may have to take it up.

Norm from Cheers

superdave524 said...

Man, I am jazzed about this. Jazzed, I tell you.

AndyMan said...

Me I'm jazzed too! And did you see all those buff bods? I'm like the big slug in the group.

Yes, I am chopped liver (well tofu molded into the shape of a liver!)

Lynne said...

Andy 1, you have a buff bod. Just like Andy 2.

Anonymous said...

I am very attractive and I just finished Badwater. Buy my book.

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Dean, I know you would have won if: 1) you hadn't run to the start from Downtown San Fran. 2) You hadn't stopped to sign all those autographs. 3) I already own (borrowed) your book.

And, Lynne, thanks for the biased compliment, but my eyes aren't that bad.... yet. but, hey, I got that killer sense of humor like SuperDave, or Chase... Ok, so not like Chase, that's a whole different level (I'm not sure it's a better level, but it's definitely different! )

Anonymous said...

Yes, you borrowed my book since you threw yours away.

And don't forgot, you said I could borrow Roger's book.

Chase Squires said...

Good luck to all in VT, say, who's up for Leadville?

Andy? Awright, knew I could count on you!

Star said...

Oh how I love that pic of me doing the "Thriller" dance. You may take a new one of me this weekend (please!!!).

Happy travels...Armando and I will see you in VT in 12 hours. Get ready to rock and roll kids!!!